Healthy Looking Medical Web Design Collection

Medical web design is different kind of web designing. You have to use colours and fonts wisely, and routine web design tricks don’t apply here.

Health is a very serious and sensitive issue, so the design also has to comply with that.

But as designers, we have to make things exciting, for that we have to create a bit of “wow”.

Here’s a big collection of medical web design layouts. So get inspired for designing websites for clinics, hospitals, spas, pharmacists and so on.

Note: we create a web design showcase, and if we get good response, then we create a web design tutorial and free template. So if you like such web designs, or you’d like a free template related to medical or health website, do comment and we’ll get working.

Medical Web Design Collection


Creatively Designed Health Website Designs


A health clinic medical web design.

Studio Psicologico

Amazingly Designed Health Related Websites


Beautiful Design of Health Websites of 2012


Rhodius Best medical website design

Austintx Dentist

25 Best Design of Health websites of 2012

Gran Fibra

25 Best Design of medical websites


Large size slideshow in a medical web design

Sprout Right

Best Design of Sprout Right medical website of 2012

Mariagar Dell Psychotherapy

Unique design of health website for designers

Clear Waterfl Dentistry

2012 Best Dental Website Design

Cuenca Farmacia 

Creatively Designed Pharmacy Website

South Chico Dentistry

A medical web design using green color as the base color.

Clinique Chirurgicale De Laval

2012 Best Website Design of Medical

Thread an Sugar

Creatively design of Best Medical Related Website

Glass Dental

2012 best 25 medical website Design

Womens Recovery

Creatively design of 2012 best Website Design

Santa Rita

Creatively Design Santa Rita Medical Website Design

Aussie Vault

25 Best Medical websites Collection of 2012


Beautiful Collection of Medical Websites of 2012

Mid South Rectal Clinic

Creatively Design of Medical Websites of 2012

Doctors Group

Creatively medical website Design of  2012

Morag Bouterse

Best Design of Medical Website

Cleve Land Clinic

Cleve Land Clinic Good Medical Website


Best 2012 Medical Websites Design


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