Melted crayon art is one of the coolest types of home-made amateur art. You don’t need any special equipment nor any special skills.

It works in exactly the way it sounds. We melt crayons to create art.

Usually, blow dryers are used for melting crayons and that’s what we’ll be using in this tutorial today.

So we’ll need a blow dryer, canvas paper, sticking gum, and of course, crayons.

How to Create Melted Crayon Art

Items Required

These are all the items required.

Pro Tip: Don’t wear anything fancy. Your clothes are almost certain to get dirty. Be ready.

Step 1: Visualize a sketch in your mind. You can even sketch it down on the paper if you want, but it is better that you don’t so that the paper stays clean.

Step 2: Stack the your crayons in the order you want them to be dripped. You can use a glue gun or gum stick to stick the crayons on the paper. It’d be better if you keep the printed brand name on top and blank side on the canvas. Now leave it for some time so that glue can grip it properly. We’re gonna be heating it again and the glue has to be properly holding everything together.

Step 3: Now all you need for your artwork is a box big enough to place that canvas in. Now place that canvas (that has crayons glued on it) inside that box. This box is necessary because the wax is going to splatter and it will be messy.

Idea: You can use props, such as artificial flowers, leaves, butterflies, umbrella sketches, etc. to enhance your artwork. You can even use sketches on the paper.

Step 4: Start firing hot air via blow dryer. Make sure you have given the canvas a gradual incline for the wax to run. If the canvas is not inclined, how can there be any drips. You can even keep changing the angles to create unique patterns.

Step 5: Keep holding the dryer and keep moving your hand so that crayons keep on melting. This is the most fun part the whole event. This is where you see your creation coming alive.

Step 6: Time for another break. This time, it should be at least an hour so that your artwork is all dried up and fixed.

Step 7 (optional): You can repeat the whole process to make the drips thicker and stronger.


  1. Be careful about the hot glue because that gets pretty hot.
  2. Never run the hair dryer for too long. It might short out or catch fire.
  3. Hold the dryer at a considerable distance from the canvas, otherwise it can spark or the canvas might catch fire.

Finalized Examples

Welcome Spring – Melted Crayon Art


Monday Melted Crayon Art in Abstract


The Sun – Melted Crayon Art


Flying Ghost in Crayon


Bleeding Blue Eye


Blue Peacock


St. Patricks Day Rainbow – Crayon Pointillism


Sweet and Saur Weathers – in view of crayon artist


Melting Rainbow


Under an Umbrella


Melted Crayon Art


That’s all folks. Until tomorrow, see you.

Stay safe, good night.

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