Metro Web Design or  flat web design are the modern trend. “Flat” is the word that is going like crazy in all the designer circles.

Everybody is occupied with metro design techniques because of the design language Microsoft created for Windows Phone and Windows 8. It is called Metro design language and that has really become successful, contrary to some predictions.

The main idea behind developing metro design language was that there should be a design methodology that synchronizes with all kinds of devices.
Even though Microsoft has announced that next version of Windows will be created specifically for desktop machines and mobile devices will get a separate version, metro has asserted its rule for future.

It is believed that Metro websites are easy on the eyes and they give a better user experience. Do they? You check and tell me 🙂

Modern Metro Web Design

Symbol Set

Symbol set has creatively designed, animated website that is made using flat designing techniques.

creative plane webdesigns


Wistia is a video server for your videos. Their website is designed using simple flat web design technique.

flat web-designs

Werk Press

This is a design and development house. They specialize in WordPress websites.

fast opening web designs


This is a marketplace for designers and developers.

hiring websites

Layer vault

LayerVault is one of the few business flat websites out there. It is a collaboration tool.

impressive flat webdesigns

Foundation Zurb

This is a modern front-end framework. Such a thing would need one of the most modern metro websites.

blue web designs


A small team of designers builds impressive metro web designs.

application websites

Its a shape christmas

This website will come alive on Christmas.

calendar inspired webdesign


William Leeks can design and develop flat websites.

william leeks web design

Geck o Board

Don’t be confused with the image, it is indeed a flat web design.

creative flat websites collection


Palace is a studio, photography studio that has a flat website.

creative flat web themes

Our name is mud

Their name is mud. But that doesn’t matter because their website looks gorgeous.

creative web designs


Ears promotes your stuff. They have certainly promoted their website.

awesome collection of flat web designs

Pro found grid

This is a responsive grid made using CSS. Their website is made using the same grid.

cool flat webdesigns


Basically a design studio.

inspirational stream of flat websites

United Pixel Workers

They sell designs and they have a cool creative metro website.

compilation of flat websites

Windows Phone

Since Microsoft likes flat websites so much, they made homepage of windows phone using flat web design skills.

awarded webdesigns


This is a twitter application for avid or specialist users.

metro inspired websites

National television makes sure they have a flat website.

creative websites collection

Built by buffalo

Flat websites became the priority of designers from all around the world. This design house also has a flat one.

abstract shapes based webdesign


I love their slogan, “one pixel at a time!”

cool web sites awarded


I don’t know what to say.

impressive websites


That’s a cool portfolio design made with flat design style.

fashion flat websites

Software mill

They are software development house that has a brilliant flat website.

flat webdesigns

Nicholas Jackson Design

This is a very creative design. The flat design makes it look as if you are seeing pixels from really close.

about me flat webdesign


Apart from the image, the design is flat, flat, flat.

flat websites

Made by fieldwork

Brand identities can easily be developed by using modern trends. Flat websites are a modern trend.

vector webdesigns


I like-this.

creative and cool webdesigns


Two of my favorite characters (Hermione and Iron Man) in the image here.

flat entertaining websites

Discover Shadow

They don’t only have a cool flat website, their parallax is very impressive.

useful collection of flat websites

Windows of Newyork

This website really does contain windows of New York. Literally.

creative windows websites

Case 3D

This is also a design house. But I think they do interior design.

design house flat webdesign

Adam hart wig

So do I. Everybody loves to play.

yellow color flat website

Design Embraced

Since he’s an art director, he needed a modern, impressive portfolio. Flat websites came to help.

portfolio flat webdesign


Only a person with Google Analytic account will understand the pun of their slogan.

color ful webdesign


This is a music player kind of a hardware. Their website is cool but I can’t figure out why did the client ask for a flat website. Usually clients like stupid gradients and flashy colors.

useful collection of flat webdesigns


This is quite a fusion. At first look, the website looks to contain a retro look while it actually contains modern flat web design style.

coding company flat vector webdesign

Concrete Matter

That’s a pretty impressive flat website.

creative and clean flat webdesigns


Peterfig is one of those flat websites that can look mediocre and classy at the same time. This is odd but this is something that can be done easily using flat web design.

cool illustrated webdesign


They design interfaces. They designed their website well.

impressive flat webdesign


And of course, Microsoft invented Metro design language so why wouldn’t they make their homepage using Metro.

cool Xbox flat website


They are not really a design house but an SMO service. A flat website suites them.

digital art flat webdesign

Super Eight Studio

Flat websites are all around when it comes to design studios.

amazing flat webdesign


A resource for creatives.

creative webdesigns


This a garment store but they chose to use flat design because they wanted their website to run properly on all devices.

amazing shop flat webdesigns


Another design house with a flat website.

Creative red flat webdesigns


Inky is a pretty cool email client.

Flat web designs collection

Award online

This is a website that awards photos and photographers, and I think designers as well.

creative flat webdesigns


I didn’t buy a fitbit, but I did like their web design.

elegant flat webdesign

Wear e pandr

I love green 🙂

green flat websites

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