Banner advertisements come in many shapes and sizes.

You’ve got traditional billboard adverts, magazine ads, newspaper ads, and these days, even online banners.

The issue with a lot of the banners you see is that they are exceptionally dull, uncreative, and therefore, don’t persuade you to take any action(which is the whole point of a banner, surely?).

If you’re a business owner thinking of creating some form of banner ad for your business, this is a big issue, and it’s something you need to know how to avoid.

Luckily, it’s quite easily done: you just need to make sure to invest in the design process and get creative. By doing this, you’ll be able to stand out from your competitors, most of who likely fall into the “dull and boring” category when it comes to banner ads.

To get you pumped-up, excited, and inspired, Fastprint have rounded up some of the most stupidly creative banner examples out there:

#1 – Baby, I Forgot My Purse At Home (Smart Car)

Smart Car Banner Ad


Smart Car created this banner ad to highlight one of the unique selling points of the car itself: the ability to quickly turn around.

These cars are extremely small and compact, which makes them easy to drive, park, and handle.

The banner ad itself features the quote, “Baby, I forgot my purse at home”. However, the last word of the quote (i.e. “home”) has been reversed; this demonstrates the idea that before the person had even finished their sentence, the Smart Car was able to turn round and begin its journey back home.

#2 – Leave It To The Pros (FastPrint)

Fastprint's cool banner ads

This banner ad was created by a leading UK printing company, FastPrint, and as you can see, it plays upon the frustration that many of us face on a day-to-day basis: our printer won’t work.

You can’t see it in the ad pictured above, but this banner was actually featured alongside the strapline: Leave it to the pros.

The message here is simple: leave it to the professionals, or you might end up in a fit of rage (like the guy in the ad).

#3 – Add A Friend You Can Trust. Adopt A Dog (Pedigree)

Pedigree adapt a dog


Pedigree have used something nearly all of us are familiar with in this banner ad: Facebook.

As you can see, it features an image (seemingly added to Facebook) of a guy asleep, but with drawings all over his face and body.

Clearly, his friends are responsible for this.

So, Pedigree opted for the clever tagline: Add a friend you can trust. Adopt a dog.

It really doesn’t get much more simplistic.

#4 – No Worries, Go Anywhere (AdCare)

AdCare banner ads


AdCare is a company that manufacturers and sells adult diapers; as you can imagine, not the easiest product to market or sell in a creative way.

However, they’ve certainly pulled it off in this ad, which depicts a tube/tram/bus seat, Photoshopped to look like a toilet.

The strapline: No worries go anywhere. (Insert picture of Adcare diapers).

It’s a ridiculously simple ad, but it plays on a common issue faced by those in need of the product: the common need to use the toilet in embarrassing locations.

#5 – Love Is Colourful (Zim)



If you don’t know what Zim is (we didn’t, either), it’s a “coloured powder inspired by the Indian festival celebrating the arrival of spring”. It’s commonly used at parties for fun.

Now, one of the things to note about parties is that there is often a lot of love there (between friends, colleagues, lovers, etc.). Therefore, Zim opted for this beautiful and clever ad, which runs the tagline: Love is colourful.

By associating their product with love, it’ll remain in peoples’ minds whenever they have a party or gathering.

#6 – Catch The Hottest Releases. From The Hottest Seats (SPI Cinemas)


It might take you a while to really see this ad, but when you do, it’ll be worth it.

Seen it? Yep, they’ve subtly created an image of Charlie Chaplin by highlighting certain seats on the cinema layout in red.

It runs the tagline: Catch the hottest releases, from the hottest seats.


#7 – The Label Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story (Canadian Fair Trade Network)

Canadian Fair Trade Network


This ad from the Canadian Fair Trade Network aims to highlight the fact that the label doesn’t tell the full story.

To do this, they simply created an image of what the label would look like if it did, in fact, tell the whole story.

Because of its abstract nature, this banner is extremely eye-catching and invokes a sense of curiosity within the viewer.

#8 – Mow Wherever You Are (Viking)

Creative banner ads by Viking


Viking sells a programmable robot lawnmower, which means that you can, quite literally, mow wherever you are.

This is the strapline of the ad featured above, and to demonstrate exactly what you could be doing while the robot mows your lawn, it shows a cinema seat with grass clippings in front of it.

The message here is clear: you could be enjoying a movie while the robot does all of the hard mowing work for you.

#9 – Fits Naturally (Wonderbra)

Award winning banner ads


Wonderbra makes one of the most natural fitting bras out there; the key word there is “natural”.

To show just how natural their bras are, they’ve used this clever image of two oranges with their skins half peeled.

Clearly, the oranges are meant to represent breasts, while the orange skins represent the natural fit of the Wonderbra.

#10 – From Toy To Cooker (Savyolovsky Retail Centre)

Toy cooker


Savyolovsky Retail Centre sells everything, from toys to cookers.

To highlight this fact, they devised this smart ad, which depicts this USP in a highly visual format. You see the toy morphing into a cooker, first going through many other items (sold by the retail centre) in the process.

It’s one of a handful of beautiful ads created by Savyolovsky during the festive period.

#11 – Without Endless Pain, A Tattoo Can Be Endless Pain

Banner ads examples


Endless Pain is the name of a tattoo and piercing studio.

It’s this odd name that makes this banner ad somewhat mind boggling to begin with, as it runs the strapline: Without Endless Pain, a tattoo can be endless pain.

What does this mean exactly? Well, it means that if you don’t choose Endless Pain (the shop the ad is advertising) when you go for a tattoo, you might end up with a different kind of endless pain (an endless pain caused by a lifetime of low-quality, incorrect tattoos).

It all makes sense when you look at the image.

#12 – You Never Know What Might Cross In Your Way (Mercedes-Benz)

Creative banner ads of K


Mercedes-Benz is well known for their minimalistic, high-quality approach to both advertising and product creation, and this ad is no different.

The aim of this ad is to highlight the dangers of texting and driving. To do this, Mercedes-Benz has featured an image of the letter “K” with a human leg making up part of the letter.

It runs the strapline: You never know what may cross in your way. Don’t text and drive.

The message is clear: The letter “K” represents texting and driving, while the leg represents someone stepping into the road mid-text.

#13 – You Buy, The Sea Pays (Surfrider)


The way plastic packaging is disposed of in many parts of the world is a big issue, and it can often cause a lot of distress among sea life; however, it’s not a problem most people think about on a regular basis.

This banner ad aims to change that fact, with this hard-hitting image that aims to show just how detrimental plastic packaging can be.

It features a supermarket scanner scanning a turtle, along with the tagline: You buy, the sea pays.

It’s a beautifully well-crafted banner ad, but the message is a heart wrenching one.

#14 – One Song Is Not Enough (Chom 97.7)

Minimalist banner ads example


Radio stations are well known for playing individual songs from multiple artists; but Chom FM plays an entire vinyl album from one artist every Sunday.

To demonstrate how much you’re missing when you only listen to one song, this minimalistic ad shows a fraction of the album cover from a classic Beetles album.

In the same way that you’re only viewing a fraction of the album cover when you look at the ad, you’re also missing out on a tonne of great songs when you don’t listen to the entire album.

#15 – Happy Canada Day (McDonalds)

McDonalds canada


McDonald’s have created some exceptional banner ads in their time, but this ad is perhaps one of the most clever and minimalistic ones ever.

Clearly, it’s an ad aimed at the Canadian market, as it was created to celebrate Canada Day.

In the ad, the four portions of McDonalds fries meet in the middle to depict the leaf on the Canadian flag.

We’re unsure if it was Photoshopped or not, but either way, it’s a stunning ad.

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