We see new progressions in technology on daily basis, with the passing of time the production of art has changed. Technology has developed a way to keep classical masterpieces as charming as they were at the time of invention. These stunning paintings still hold the ability to inspire and guide the modern generation. These are source of motivation for upcoming artists of both customary and digital genre. These paintings are exquisite work of art and possess unique qualities which make them inspirational even for the modern world.

When we compare these paintings with the modern pragmatism, they lack the sense of technicalities. The clandestine of these paintings being inspirational do not lie in the size of brush instead it depicts the focus on key elements of application and recognition of painter’s thoughts, subject of the painting, its composition and anatomy. The modern classic painter focus on what to paint instead of how to paint. He or she follows certain tips about key factors throughout the process of structure and composition of modern classic painting. The recreation of old-time techniques with digital media is the basic rule of modern classic paintings.

Modern classic paintings are also helpful for those viewers who find it difficult to understand classical art work. The mechanism of modern classic paintings work opposite to ordinary photography techniques. In this all the work is done before taking a picture instead of after editing. In the process of creating such painting, people emphasize the original themes of art work in a modern view. The hidden meaning in the painting cannot be understood by common people, so modern classic paintings are also helpful in making that hidden meaning more deliberate and clear to the viewer, giving him or her an insight to the masterpiece.

A few artists has made this concept more interesting by emerging the celebrities’ pictures in classic painting views. One more purpose for these paintings was to create a connection between paintings and those people who lack professional artistic sense. It seems hard for an ordinary person to understand or create a link to famous classic paintings, but modern classic paintings not only help in understanding the given idea and theme of that art work but also make us feel connected to that painting somehow.

Modern classic art is an interesting thing to know and try. It has certainly made the old classic art work exciting for new comers in the field of art. Any artist can easily get the idea placed in the painting as modern classic painting enhance the source of inspiration in modern ways. There are several modern classic paintings but here is a list of twenty best combinations of traditional art work with digital media, so enjoy and appreciate the digital art at his best.


Modern Paintings

You are there

Now or never

Still in the dark

Inspiration from Real Life

Still life images

traditional painting of a man with pipe

my pal

Traditional art painting

Waiting in the dark

Lonely above all

The bedroom

Sides of Life

Day and night

I have a hero in me

I knew you'll be here soon

Mixed art

The world is mine

Photographic Paintings

Where is my world

The couple



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