Mysterious Digital Artworks and Manipulations by Eric

Eric Lacombe a.k.a Monstror is an awesome Surreal and Grunge digital artist on Deviant Art from last 3 years.

He submitted a total of 108 amazing surreal and grunge illustrations just like ones below.  You can find his profile here and his gallery here.

All his artworks are properly linked back to their sources. Click on the images to go to their source for full view.

grunge mask

sans grunge

grunge body artwork

full grunge body

sans1 grunge artwork

sans titre grunge

grunge artwork

sans titre grunge

sans titre grunge artworks

grunge surreal

coo grunge artwork

boo grunge surreal

heart grunge

grunge face

grunge faces artworks

grunge leaf

grunge head

grunge body bud

shadows grunge

grunge body

femme grunge

colony grunge

together grunge

heart and soul grunge

grunge character

grunge tree face

tree face mummy

squid face grunge

tree face grunge

tree boy grunge

tree trunk face

scatter face grunge

tied kid grunge

sad grunge boy

squid tree grunge

sans 6

grunge wallpaper

grunge branches

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