25 Awesome Natural Brushes & Textures for Photoshop

With eco-consciousness at an all time high and ethical products securing greater profits each year, natural designs of all kinds are in higher demand than ever before.

If you want to get in on the action commercially, or simply want to create natural artwork for your own pleasure, you’re going to need the right brushes and textures to use in Photoshop. Below you’ll find 25 awesome, natural brushes and textures that will breathe life into any design.

We’ve covered everything, from the ordinary, like trees, grasses and leaves, to the extraordinary, like strange creatures of the deep.

Tip: As you know we always create every brush stroke on a new layer. I immediately convert the layer into smart object. This way you can resize it easily without having to worry about resolution problems.

1. Leaves (bittbox)

Natural Brushes Photoshop

This fabulous set of 10 brushes, 2500px in size, was made from scanning real leaves.

2. Grass Brushes (Midnightstouch)

Grass Brushes Photoshop

There are over 10,000 species of grass found in the natural world. You’ll find 36 of the best lovingly recreated here.

3. Branches & Foliage (ladyvictoire)

foliate brushes photoshop

A set of 16 brushes, covering everything from tree branches to grasses and shrubs.

4. Complete Tree Brush Set (Horhew)

tree brushes photoshop

This really is the “complete” set, with 40 brushes of all types of trees, from the tropical coconut tree to the mountain-loving fir.

5. Ice (bittbox)

ice brushes photoshop

You start to feel cold just looking at these high-res ice textures- they’re so well captured.

6. Epic Cloud and Sky Textures (Lost and Taken)

cloud sky brushes

20 textures of rolling clouds and tumultuous skies.

7. Moon Brushes (keepwaiting)

moon brushes photoshop

45 brushes showing the Moon at various positions in its orbit around the Earth.

8. Knot Holes (Room122)

knot holes brushes photoshop

10 brushes of knots found in an old wooden fence.

9. Bugs (macellodesign)

bugs brushes photoshop

Brushes detailing the silhouettes of five different bugs.

10. Sea Creatures Vol. 1 & 2 (Brushing Up)

sea creatures brushes photoshop

Weird and wonderful creatures found in the deep-blue sea. 19 different brushes in total.

11. Feather Brushes (LoS-Stock)

Eight brushes detailing the feathers of various birds in high resolution.

12. Liquid Drops (Ardcor)

liquid drops brushes photoshop

A huge set of water droplet Photoshop brushes.

13. Fire Brushes (Resource42)

photoshop fire brushes

Nine, fiery and fierce, top-quality brushes

14. Star Brushes (Demosthenesvoice)

star brushes photoshop

Six inter-galactic brushes of stars, constellations and galaxies.

15. Gravel (Free Photoshop Textures)

gravel texture

A fantastic texture depicting gravel, interspersed with small leaves and twigs.

16. Limestone (Free Photoshop Textures)

Limestone Textures Photoshop

Sedimentary layers are clearly visible in this great limestone texture.

17. Mountain Brushes (Scully 7491)

mountain brushes photoshop

Scully 7491 rendered mountain images in Terragen before converting them into Photoshop brushes.

18. Fish Brushes (mediaklepto)

Fish Brushes Photoshop

This set of 42 brushes contains everything from jellyfish to octopus and eel.

19. Apple Blossom (Midnightstouch)

flower brushes photoshop

A beautiful set of apple blossom brushes with a real vintage quality.

20. Lightning (Ailedda)

lightning brushes photoshop

An electric set of 11 lightning brushes.

21. Erable.Japonnais (ShadyMedusa-stock)

erable japonnais brushes

Four brushes depicting foliage, each with a distinctly Asian look.

22. Twigs (Clandestine-Stock)

twig brushes photoshop

Antique looking twig and branch brushes.

23. Smoke (wiim)

smoke brushes photoshop

A subtle set of soft brushes, made from photographs of candle smoke.

24. Water Textures (Elitha Stock)

water textures photoshop

Four refreshing water textures.

25. Rough Textures (Six Revisions)

rough textures photoshop

A set of 15, high-res textures of rough and sandy surfaces.

This post was created by Tom Walker, a UK based writer and designer who works with a supplier of HP PSC ink, toner and paper. Check out their blog where you can read more of his writing on art and design.

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