We designers need new fonts download on regular basis. That’s because fonts make our designs beautiful… but since the same font is used by many designers, we sometimes find ourselves rejecting stylish fonts just because they have been used many times before.

If you’re a regular reader of Designzzz, then you’d know that we keep sharing new fonts every month. This is just another collection of recently made fonts available for free.

All these new fonts came out during last month or this month.

Let me share some of my experience. At the start of my career, I used to have thousands of fonts installed on my computer but with time I realized that they just create confusion and nothing else. Today I only got 200 fonts, less than 200 fonts installed.
So my suggestion to you is that don’t install too many fonts, keep only the new fonts and the good old trusted ones.

And just like ever before, all these new fonts are available in an all-in-one download file. Enjoy!

All Fonts Download

[freebiesub download=”http://www.designzzz.com/wp-content/uploads/downloads/Designzzz-latest-Fonts.zip”]

Fresh New Fonts


doodle 3d free font

Melting Ice Cream G

aqua effect font


simple latest font

Stay Punx

amazing latest fonts designers

Circles and sticks

sans serif fonts

CF Stencil Orama

stencil free fonts


cute fonts download

Counter Hit!

skewed bold fonts

Hall Fetica

square fonts download


designers fonts


handwritten fonts

New Visions

latest typographic fonts

Anywhere But Home

decorative fonts collection

KG Something to Believe In

elegant fonts free download

The amazing grace

latest and gracefull fonts


visible fonts for download

Stephens Heavy Writing

brushy fonts download


bold and elegant fonts

Objectum Sexuality

decorative fonts


thoughtful fonts

And last but not the least, please please please, we need your suggestions to further improve our service. So keep the comments coming, thank you.

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