New year wallpaper collection for year 2013.

Some of these are artistic and some are funny but I think you’ll love them all.

So lucky year 2013 is coming… I call it lucky (even though it has the deadly number in it) because we survived apocalypse. Now that’s lucky! And that’s why I selected the images that contain happy moods only, lucky moods.

If you know of any wallpaper that I missed, please do share its link in comments section.

Happy New Year!

Here’s an Eco-friendly note: If your new year wallpaper contains a lot of black color (background) you will be saving electricity. So if you wanna save energy in the new year, probably that’s a new year resolution of yours, then try to get dark color wallpapers.

2013 New Year Wallpapers

2013 Wallpaper by ChrisenMedia

Creative wallpapers

Danbo Happy New Year 2013 by Dracu-Teufel666

3d wallpapers of 2013

Happy New Year by Dracu Teufel666

3d typography new year

Come Closer by  mvuljevas

come close happiness

2013 welcome by dev moon

grey leather texture wallpaper

2013 mi by  shichigoro756

japan new year wallpapers

2013 Clouds Wallpaper by  PSDRoman

2013 art clouds

2013 New Year by  GuilleBot

2013 typography wallpapers

2013_molecular by  rajasegar

3 dimension artwork 2013

2013 New Year Wllpaper by  injured eye

abstract artwork 2013

happy new 2013 by  adireflex

artistic 2013 wallpaper

2013 by  ravirajcoomar

metallic typography

2013 Happy New Year wallpaper

glossy 2013 wallpapers

2013 wallpaper

typography wallpaper

New Year 2013

high resoultion wallpapers

New Year 2013

free wallpapers


2013 – Neon wallpaper

neon wallpapers

New Years Greeting 2013

greeting wallpapers

2013 Year of the Snake

snake wallpaper

Happy New Year 2013 Greetings

wide typography wallpapers

2013 by mai994

2013 pattern wallpaper

Just in case you were wondering, I’m using the 2nd last wallpaper on my desktop 🙂
Once again,

Happy New Year!

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