Night… the time of dreams and romance. The night offers everything a day cannot due to its hustle n’ bustle.

While some associate night with darkness and demise, I feel that night takes away your stress; job hazards, insurance renewal, bill payments…. these are all part of daytime. Night is the time when you can truly be yourself!

The world changes during night time. Have you ever wandered around in the night time just to admire the world you live in? If no, you should!

To give you a few glimpses of how the world looks during night, I have made this collection of photos. And to help you take such pictures, I have added professional photography tips as well. I’m sure you’ll love this post.

Photography Tips

Fellow writer Iqra gave a few tips in her post, let me copy them with a few of my additions.

  • Most of the night pictures require long exposure, 10-30 seconds at least. If you wanna make light-trails such as “Center of Attraction” (the 2nd photo in the list), use an hour of exposure (yes! a whole hour!!). You can learn a lot more about it in Long Exposure Photography Tutorial.
  • Long exposures need Tripods. Although a camera steadily placed on a table also works, but tripods are the best.
  • Long exposures also need remote shutter release or self-timer. You can’t touch the camera, that’ll just destroy the image.
  • Sometimes you might need a flashlight if the foreground is too dark.
  • Use wide angle lens, I love it night photos with wide-angle lens. Most of these photos are taken with them.
  • If you are using a lens, don’t forget to use a lens hood to remove the light flares.
  • Don’t use filters, they don’t usually do any good in night.

Full Moon Night

Full Moon at Beach

Center of Attraction

Stars timelapse photo

The Day in the Night

awesome Night buildings

Firework Launch

fireworks launch

Hearts Ablaze

lovely couple watching night lights

Floating Lanterns on Japanese New Year

Floating Lanterns on Japanese new year

Homeless in London

homeless london night

Milky Way and a Falling Star

Milky Way and a falling star

Still of the Night

moon behind the plants

Long Exposure Gloom

Long Exposure of stars and hut

Stars Shining Bright Above

storm and stars

Central Park

Central Park at night

Never Sleeps

city never sleeps

Burj Kalifa

burj khalifa at night


houses at night

Let it snow

snow and stars

Milky Way Above Mt. McDonald

Milky Way Above Mt. McDonald

Brooklyn Bridge New York City

Brooklyn Bridge New York City

Twilight Stars

twilight stars and windmill

Lightning over Athens

Lightning over Athens

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse at night

A Night over the Fog

A Night over the Fog

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