Star pictures, they are so breathtaking, so mesmerizing that our showbiz celebrities like to be called stars.
Stars can be a symbol for peace, love, hope, splendor and many other beautiful emotions. Myths suggest that they are the home of angels. They say if you see a falling star, you can wish for anything and it will come true.

Scientists tell us that many of the stars we see are mightier than planet Earth and even the Sun. Their magnificence provoked me to create a photographic collection of them.

Technically speaking you cannot take photos of just the sky and stars, you need something else as well. In this post you’ll see how the professionals use this ultimate beauty in their pictures. You’ll also learn how to take such superb shots in the tips section.

Photography Tips

  • Wide Angle lens work great.
  • Manual Focus, “Infinity” Mode.
  • Clear sky and new moon is the best timing to capture stars.
  • Make sure your battery is fully charged and carry a few extra.
  • Focus just one bright star, you might not be able to focus all of them.
  • ISO should be somewhere between 100-200, otherwise the same noise problem.
  • Use Long Exposure (bulb) setting. A good exposure will require at least 30 seconds. If you want to capture light trails, use an hour of exposure (yes! an hour!!). You can have a look at the pic named “Skyways” in the post Long Exposure Photography Tutorial.
  • Try to discover the lowest air-traffic time so you don’t end up capturing airplanes.

Star Pictures

Mountains Under Stars

high mountains uder glidding stars

Long Exposure Gloom

star pictures using low exposure technique

Stars shinging bright above

stars picture above a lightning cloud

Under the stars by XavierJamonet

stars and island photography

Stars by markotapio

stars and individual photography

Shooting Stars by KirlianCamera

stars and cannon photography

Yosemite Falls and Stars by Niv24

star pictures but this one includes a waterfall from a mountain

Dancing fog

dancing fog stars

Reaching for the Stars by enunez

stars and tree picture

Bowl of Stars by Const

stars photography

Confined By Stars by bleed-the-sky

stars circle and tree photography

Stars by RevelationSpace

stars and colorful phtography

Static Stars by drewyboy

stars and boat photography

Stars on Ice by mark-flammable

stars and island photography

The church and the stars by Alex37

stars and castle photography

Southern Stars by Niv24

shining stars photography

Starry Night on the Royal Lake

sea shore  and stars

storming stars

twinkling stars

center of attraction

stars center photograpy

falling Stars

snow stars photography

Stars in the Cold Night

rocks stars sea

Crater Lake under the Stars

crater lake under the stars


sparking stars photography

Under the Stars by *Meowgli

stars and  colurful clouds photography


stars and ice photogaphy

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