Almighty God has created countless creatures in the world. They show us each and every day what kind of miracles is nature capable of.

Some of them rule the air, some command the earth and some are the kings of the water environment. This post is about life in the oceans.

Ocean life is very attractive and it is a marvelous example of the creativity of mother nature. There have been many expeditions for the purpose of exploring the seas and the oceans, yet we know very little about it.

I used to wonder about these magnificent sea creatures, so today I just made a post about them. This is a collection of aquatic life photos, many kinds of fish and other ocean life photography.

Here are some more Fish Pictures.

Ocean Life Photography

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Doesn’t matter what the name says. She is one of the most beautiful ocean life creatures you can find.

marine life

The Great Barracuda

Barracuda! The fearsome appearance, slim body and sharp penetrating eyes make her one of the deadliest creatures in the ocean life.

Ocean life

Clown Fish

Again, an aquarium perfect ocean life photography example.

underwater photo

Do They Know They Are Stars

Good question, don’t you think?

in the sea


If I’m not wrong, these particular tentacles can give you a shock of 400 volts.

ocean photography


Longtail is a fish found only in the depths of waters. A perfect example of ocean life photography.

deep ocean

Lunch hmmm…

Lunch platter! That’s how great white shark sees the ocean.

fish hunt


And dolphins come in to play. They hunt in numbers.

black and white

In the Space

Ocean still has plenty of single-celled life system. Yes, it is the ocean, not outer space.

single cell life

Jelly Fish Extravaganza !

Jelly fish is also an example of single-celled lifestyle. Technically, single-celled organism should be called unicellular organisms but that sounds like a mobile phone company.


A Slice of Spice

Below the fish is deep sea vegetation and the fish is red hot.

high quality image


Clown fish strikes back. If you notice, ocean life photography experts always capture clown fish in night because her colors look very sharp in the dark.

high quality fish image

Dreaming Jellyfish

I wish I were Jellyfish. No troubles, no tensions, no problem.

in the ocean


You may not believe it but that’s the name of the fish.

Beautiful Wallpaper

Golden Jellies

Golden Jellies… sounds tempting na? Don’t you dare try to put them in your mouth.

species of the oceans

Kiss of the Mandarin

The vivid color on their skin tells that they are poisonous! They are actually toads.

Marine Photos

Eye to Eye

“Now how can I look you in the eye” – said her lover.

Talking to me


These little devils attack and eat you alive. Anyone read The Old Man and the Sea?

Fish dinner

I Got One

“Hey, look above, that human thing is here.”  said the dolphin on bottom left.

Dolphin Friendship


What attracts me the most in this picture are not the fish but the vegetation. This is a brilliant example of ocean life photography.

ocean wallpaper

Tropical Beauty

She is one of the most misbehaved creatures in an aquarium. Never ever put your finger near her.

Beautiful fish

Tiger Shark

When these two words come together, it is not hard to guess what’s next.

Hunt in the water


Hammerhead is a shark specie found away from the shores. And we’re glad for that.

Deadly creature

Lemon Shark at Sunset

Lemon…. hmm. I don’t know why they call her lemon shark.

Quest for Food

Whale Shark

This is the laziest specie among sharks.

spotted whale shark

Shark School

I sincerely wish that I only see this scene through ocean life photography and not with my own eyes. That’s because if I do, that will be the last thing I would ever see.

King of the Oceans

Spotted Dolphin Trio

“Hello there, human! Mind taking a picture with my friends?”

cute fish

Porcupine Puffer Fish

One suggest: never pet her. If you don’t know why? Google it and watch her on youtube. She’s a star.


Mr. Puffer

“So, you have dared to come into my territory without my permission…!!”

puffer in the sea

Turtle in the Sun

Slow and steady!

royal turtle

Old Turtle

Some turtles can live up to 300 hundred years. I don’t know why my boss curses me when I’m slow.

Turtle hunting

Sting Ray

You see that black thing hiding in the sand. That’s called death!

deadliest sea creature

Sting Ray

Sting ray is one of the deadliest creatures not just in ocean but on this planet.

marine biology

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