If you are like me, you love to design and re-design the office often. Change is refreshing and it is fun to incorporate different personalities and seasons into the office décor. Plus, who likes to see the same office set up day after day, month after month, etc.? I have often found that I get resistance from management when I ask to redesign the office space after getting bored with the same look for several months. However, I have found a great reason to support my whim for rearranging the decorations in the office, and that is that I incorporate efficiency and productivity techniques into my designs so that management can see the benefit of my design changes. Here are 3 design and decor changes that you can make in your office to improve productivity and efficiency while also changing up what you see every day.

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Periodic Changes Make People Happy

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You might always hear that people don’t like change; however, that does not apply to the office décor that you see every day. Simple seasonal changes can keep the mood up and add some seasonal festiveness to the office. Please note that by “seasonal” changes, I only mean the four seasons and not any holidays. Holiday decorations can be too controversial and we will save that for another article on another day. Each quarter, I like to change up the posters and pictures that are hanging on the walls of the office. Sometimes I can incorporate something to do with the season, but sometimes it is just about looking at something new. I keep the old posters and pictures in storage so that there are no additional expenses involved. Another simple change that you can do is rotate or trade decorations between employees; just trade posters or plants so that something different is near your desk.

Plants Lead to Greater Office Efficiency

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If there are not plants in your office already, adding plants has been proved to boost efficiency among workers. Plants filter bacteria, germs, and toxins from the air. This leads to cleaner breathing and less sickness. Plants can also absorb noise, so if there is an area of your office that is particularly noisy, adding some plants there can help diffuse some of that noise and reduce the distractions that noise can produce. Besides all of the productivity and efficiency measures that plants add to the office, plants also add beauty and life to an office. Each employee should have a plant on or near their desk. Letting each person choose their own plant also helps improve employee satisfaction.

Color and Productivity


It has long been recognized that colors affect mood, efficiency, and productivity levels in people while they work. Psychologists recommend shades of blue and green as the best colors to keep employees calm and productive. Adding a pop of yellow or orange color to a sold blue or green wall helps to keep the eyes from fatiguing and inspire the imagination.  Changing the colored designs or the shade of blue or green is an option for a seasonal change. In fact, experimenting with different shades and different designs can lead you to the color combinations that work best for the personalities in your office. Then there are individual desk colors. Based on the each person’s individual personality, adding a background color to their desk can influence their mood and productivity level. Desk colors can definitely change the overall design and look of the office and can work towards happier and more efficient employees.


Using the above techniques to make visual changes to your office décor can satisfy your need to change your surroundings and express your inner designer while also improving efficiency and productivity in your work environment. If you experience resistance from management about making changes, stress the efficiency and productivity results that you will achieve and also be sure to mention that you will not be adding any major expenses to the budget. If necessary, offer to make the changes off the clock on your own time. Once management sees the benefits of the changes you make, they will welcome your design abilities.

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Eric Thomas is blogger and Brand Manager for Brandme.com.au. He enjoys sharing business and marketing ideas and tips.

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