There are many a times when a designer feels that he should avoid the nagging clients and all the business dealing, he wonders if there could a be a place where he can just go, present his designs and get paid. Such places do exist. There are two types of these places, Contest Based and Sale Based.

In the Contest Based places you present your design and compete with several other designers, then one design gets chosen and paid [heavily]. In the Sale Based, you just put your design on the market place and earn on each sale.

Today we’ll cover both of these kinds of sites. This post is for specifically created for designers so developers/coders/font makers might not get much out of it. The images I selected for the first part of the article are to give you an idea of what kind of designs are likely to be sold in large quantity on that particular site.

Note: to reach the relevant website, just click the title/name.

Sale Based

Graphic River

The market place for graphic designers from the industry leader Envato. 3D modelers can sell their works at 3D Ocean.

sell your graphics


This company is almost the same as many others but with one major difference. They pay a very high percentage to the designers, up to 63%. You can place your bitmap and vector graphics here.

graphic design market place

Graphic Leftovers

Vectors, bitmaps, good site, high quality, lots visitors, more chance of sales.

homepage screenshot


iStockphoto is seasoned campaigner in the industry. It is one of the most trusted sites on the net. Buyers love it so designers also focus it. They pay from 22%-45% of sales.

selling your designs

Big Stock

Mostly bitmap graphics here. Nice cool site.

how to sell your designs

Cut Caster

Relatively a new site, they pay up to 55% over each download and they also have referral program, which means that if the buyer is directed from your site/blog/email then you earn additional 10%.

new web graphics store

Vector Stock

This is a vector specific site. I didn’t find what percentage do they provide, many sites don’t tell it out loud. I guess you’ll have to email them.

Sell your vector graphics online

123 RF

One the leading market places on the net. One thing I should tell you that they never compromise on quality. If your designs aren’t top notch, your designs will not be approved.

sell your images

Digital Point Forum

They are not really a market place, this is rather forum which has a famous category of Buy, Sell or Trade. Their slogan goes like this:

“Market place for buying or selling services, products, etc. This is the place for job offers as well.”

online selling market place

Theme Forest

We saw Graphic Driver earlier, Theme Forest is another product of Envato but this is for the web designers. You can sale-out your PSD, HTML, CSS etc.

Sale your web designs

Competition Based

I Vote for Art

Your design gets a user voting. Equation is: More votes = More Sales = More Earnings. 

sell your vectors.

Crowd Spring

This is a conventional contest based design site. Clients places an order and many designers make designs, then the client chooses the one they like the best.

sale your designs on contest

99 Designs

Same as the previous Crowd Spring.

sell your designs on contest


This is also contest based site but its a little different. They describe themselves with these words:  “Submit your own entry to brand–sponsored video contests and graphic design contests for cash awards.”

Online Market Place


Another voting based contest system, such as I Vote for Art. Here’s how they define their system: “submit a design, our fans vote, and we sell the winners.”

sell your designs



This is an indirect method of earning through your designs. Create a design, upload it on Zazzle, make a T-Shirt, Mug or whatever and if it is sold, you earn..

Earn through designing


They are not really a market place but a market place maker. They implement a design selling system right in your blog/website so you get 100% earnings from your designs.

how to sell your designs

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