Paper Art: 30 Handpicked Examples


Paper art or Origami first originated in Japan. It is also called Japanese paper art but currently, there are artists in all corners of the world creating mind blowing artworks using Origami. The art form has grown out of Japan and spread all over the world.

The word ori means “folding” in Japanese and and kami (which turns into gami when translated) means “paper”. Essentially, the art form does focus on folding paper in such a way that it creates a 3D model of a some sort. That model can be an animal, a sculpture or anything else.

Even though it is allowed in Origami to use glues and cut paper, but there’s a whole other art form called paper quilling for that purpose. The modern Origami masters like to stay within the limits of folding the paper only.

History of Paper Art

Origami art form originated nearly a thousand years ago in Japan. Much later, during 17th and 18th century, the art form matured in the royal kitchens when the chefs started to fold napkins using this Origami.

When Japan opened its borders in 19th century, the German paper craft techniques merged the Japanese art and it gave new horizons to the Japanese paper art.

In the 21st century, this paper art is only gaining more and more popularity thanks to its simplicity.

Handpicked Examples of Paper Art

This collection includes most famous types of artworks, such as Origami animals, Origami flower and some other truly magnificent pieces of art.

The first image is a gif image because I wanna describe how art form works. Rest of the images are static because had I added all gifs, the web page would have been unbearable for mobile devices.

White Elephant

This is a perfect picture for understanding Origami if you have never seen it before.

Origami elephant

A good Picture on How to make paper art!

Sarcosuchus Skeleton

This is an artwork by renowned Origami artists Tran Trung Hieu.

Sarcosuchus Skeleton

Praying mantis

This is one of the most beautiful paper animals.

Mantis is one of the beautiful origami animals

Balaur Bondoc

I think this is a dragon. Whatever it is, it is one of the most beautiful paper animals in this list.

Balaur Bondoc


Fold of a horse from Vietnamese money.

Origami horse made of money

Great white shark

I believe solid white color paper would have been rather appropriate, but the design is awesome.


The Flying Doves

Now we are featuring artworks of another amazingly gifted artist Nguyen Hung Cuong.

Origami Flying Doves

Twin Rabbits

This is one of the cutest pictures in this list.

Twin Rabbits


I think using pink paper for the gorilla is a masterstroke.


We have added loads of animals. Now we should check out some other types of artworks.

Goblington Kingdom

The exhibition was a part of the Origami Heaven event, the Third Annual Exhibition.

Goblington Kingdom

Paper Flowers

Strawberry Girl and Blueberry Boy

This is one of the cutest paper artworks and I have ever seen.

Strawberry Girl and Blueberry Boy


This is a very creatively used piece of art.



If you have some spare yellow paper, then banana is the most obvious shape that would come to mind.


Origami Flower

Kawasaki Rose and leaf folded by J.V. Page.

Origami Flower

Dollar Down the Drain

They say that you shouldn’t t flush your money down the toilet. Well, this is a whole new take on that saying.

Dollar Toilet

Master Yoda paper art

Art is Japanese, appreciate you must.

Master Yoda


This artwork is folded from a single uncut square.


Origami Warrior

The warrior image is made using only Origami paper.

Origami Warrior

SunCity Castle

This artwork was also a part of Origami Heaven event.


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