Trees are an essential part of nature, and if you appreciate nature you’ll be wowed by pictures and photos of beautiful trees.

I’m not quite sure what it is but I’m drawn to trees. Something about their shape, majesty, intricacy and symbolism awe me and I just want to look at tree photos all day long. Trees are simple yet chic, and they have a certain mystic aura about them that leaves you mesmerized.

So, it’s no surprise that they are very photographic. You can take different pictures of a particular tree in different seasons and get a wonderful collection of beautiful tree pictures.

This article is a collection of the most beautiful pictures of the most beautiful trees around the world.

Quite possibly, this is the best compilation of most beautiful tree photography post I have ever made. This collection contains special effect based photography such as HDR and infrared photography, but most of them are just plain clicks. It’s the beauty of nature that I wanted to share here, not mastery of photography.

The post also contains trees from all seasons. You will find pictures from the winter when snow forms icicles and give them a harsh mythical look, pictures from autumn when the trees turn gold and cast a gloom all over, there are also pictures of summer when trees give shelter from the stroke of weather… and of course you will also find beautiful pictures of spring when these trees get refreshed.

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