50 Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates for Download

By Ayaz Malik | June 16, 2016

Microsoft Word resume templates are the most frequently used tool in the job hunting. It also happens to be the most pivotal tool of job seekers. Resumes can be drafted using almost any word processor or graphic design o...

How Can a Designer Write a Book that REALLY Sells

By Ayaz Malik | June 1, 2016

He was a designer then he wrote a book and he became a legend… that could be your story! Actually, it is the story of Alan Fletcher And his wonderful book called The Art of Looking Sideways. It is the story of Pete...

60 Influential PowerPoint Templates for Free Download

By Ayaz Malik | May 19, 2016

Whether you’re a young student or a seasoned businessman, you have to make presentations. For that, you need PowerPoint templates. And if you can get them for free, that’s great, isn’t it. PowerPoint is...

6 Ways Wireframing Can Increase Your Productivity

By Ayaz Malik | May 18, 2016

A website wireframe is the blueprint of a website. It is a sketch of the layout that the final website will hold. I’m sure you already know this stuff, but if you didn’t, then here you go. Wireframes help us ...

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