This collection of free data visualization tools help represent figures and other factual data in visual manner.

What is data visualization? This is the art and science of creating info-graphics, flowcharts and other graphics that represent data. The graphics that make it easier to analyze and comprehend data, in simpler terms, it is called visualizing the data.

These days, every kind if research or report requires data-driven content. This content, which usually ends in a conclusion or a set of recommendations, requires such tools to make sense of the data. Without these tools, the data would just be a mumbo-jumbo of figures and no one will be able to make any sense out of it.

So today we are sharing a collection of the latest and 100% free data visualization tools that will you guys create and design infographics, charts and graphs.

This post is a followup to the wireframe tools post where you guys requested for a data visualization post. So here it is, you wish is my command 🙂

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