Today i have collected Exquisite performing arts photography. A photographic collection of artists performing various skills. These are the ultimate examples of “capturing the moment”. In these photos, you’ll see, you’ll feel… you will witness the moment.

I’m kicking off the year with a bang! While collecting these photos made me realize that taking such shots is no child’s play!

There are various techniques applied, such as long exposure, props, light painting, contrast adjustments and God knows what else… the photographers have done such a good job that I actually felt the emotions of these artists.

You must have a look at them if you are a photographer or an art lover.

Happy Ballerina

Happy Ballerina performing


mime performing


photography examples

Burn the sky by  bast-86

man performing with fire

Portrait of a Dervish

Portrait of a Dervish performing


balance performance


fire performance

Hugs And Kisses by  thereisnoband

man kissing a lion in circus

Presence by  Szabiphotograph

piano performing art photography

400 Years by  astrsk

swallowing fire performance

Learning to fly IV by  Image-inc

amazing dance performing art photo

Light series, 5. by  Bluvertical

light painting performance

Leap II by  Image-inc

dance leap performance

Circus by  yinetyang

balancing performance on elephant tusks

The Radio by  Carrambinho

street dance performance

Circus Klezmer by  PtiteCocci

hanging dance performance

my moment… by  casualeye

amazing street dance perfomance photography

Strange Fruit: Swoon by  byonder

performing art photography

Kinky Festival by  kumimonster

kinky festival performance

“Kerem ile Asli” by  pigarot

pure performing arts

Metallica by  mehmeturgut

rock bank performance

728 by  lenagnl

circus performing arts

Concepts by  astrsk

conceptual performig art photography

Ciriaco by  Padx

puppet performing arts

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