Light painting photography is a very unique and creative technique. You use light patterns using long exposure technique, hence you get the result of light painting over any routine photo.

The effect is absolutely breathtaking and that’s the reason this effect is so popular among amateurs.

It requires more creativity than professional experience. The results of this technique are pure awesomeness in pictures!

This post also includes a video tutorial for creating this photography effect.

Light painting photography is a true modern day art. It is something we could not even imagine just a few years ago.
I suggest all photographers to try this at least once. Seeing your first light painting photography is just a little less than seeing your first baby for the first time. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it.


Light Painting Photography Examples

Light Painting with a Tool

Light Painting with a Tool

Light Graffiti Painting on a City Night Shoot

Light Graffiti Painting on a City Night Shoot

Light by Bufflyslayer 

spiral light painting photo

 Paper and Light by mattl2

heart light painting

Light Hearted.. My Icon by SublimeBudd 

light painting heart

Light Painting by Ack

Light Painting Ack

Aitor With Light

Aitor With Light photography effect

light graffiti I by roledeluz 

light painting graffiti

Working Late… on a Sunday night

Laptop Light Painting

Light Play

Light painting Girl

Tree Of Light by lowapproach 

light and tree phootgraphy

Game-of-light by creatyves 

game of light painting

Candle Light by shortstick 

candles and light painting photography

Light Painting by 3mmI 

girl observing at light photography

Painting with light

Light Painting dazzling effect

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