This is the most spectacular sunsets photography that you can never forget!

Nature is very beautiful and its even more beautiful when caught by a camera at the right moment.

Here are some amazing shots of sunsets photography by some really talented photographers.

Some of these pictures might seem like they are of sunrises, not sunsets but according to the sources, all of these pictures were taken during the evening.

All these pictures are properly linked back to the photographers’ pages. If you’d like to know about the them, just click on the titles.

Golden Hour: Sunsets Photography

In photography it is called the golden hour, and in cinematography it is called magic hour. These are the hours of sunset and sunrise. This is the time when you can shoot most impressive pictures if you like to shoot pictures in silhouette effect, or you like high-contrast photography.

In technical terms, golden hour photography is quite different from studio photography, that is because the environment is uncontrollable and depth of field is absolutely different.

Even if you are an amateur photographer, you can still guess the settings that will be used for this kind of photography, but you still need inspiration for taking a magnificent sunset picture. This is your inspiration.


wheat field sunset


sunset birds

Potenga beach

potenga beach sunset

Drowned Till Dawn

drowned in sunsets photography

Visit Poland: Polish Seaside

poland sunsets

The Dunes

dunes sunsets


camels in sunset

Eternity After Sunset

sunset eternity

Sun Fire

beautiful sunset


tree sunset


river sunset


twilight photography

Giants Dice

sunset dice


sunset illusions

Twilight Sunsets Photography

Twilight hour is the one hour before the sunrise and one hour after sunset. Even though twilight photography is a different type of photography, it is taken during sunset hours to it is being included in this list.


hay stack sunset

Cold Simplicity

cold sunset

Cloud Factory

lines sunsets

An Eternal Lullaby

eternal sunset


deep sunset

Sunset HDR

sunset hdr

Rocks at Coulon

sunset beach rocks


mirror sunsets


long exposure sunsets


crimson sunset

Turbo sunset

turbo sunset

The city turns Orange

city sunset


board walk sunsets

Lake Ammersee

hut sunset

Michigan Sunset

michigan sunsets

Contrast of Colors

fields sunsets

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