Even though anyone taking pictures professionally is called a photographer, there are many photography types and many types of photographers. It’s a bit like medicine actually, they’re all called doctors, but most of them specialize in something. Good photographers also specialize in photography types.

Photographers have to discover their specialty in order to take their craft to the next level.
Today we will help you to you discover your temperament in photography.

Today’s article describes the majorly recognized photography types, their example pictures and useful links to help you follow that particular type of photography.

We will be taking a look at only the major types of photography people do select extreme niches in photography. For instance, the broad category of photography is wildlife/animal photography. A niche category is pet photography and the extreme niche is cat photography (yes, there are photographers who specialize in cat photography).
Coming back to the point, we will be taking a look at the major categories of photography, you can stay inside that whole category or you can find your way to extreme niche… but the important thing is to find the photography that you’ll rule in.

Landscape/Nature Photography

I know I’ll be ranted for combining landscape and nature photography but in technical terms, they do overlap. If you take 100 nature pictures, more than 50 pictures will have landscape in them, so why can’t I mix these two categories?

Online Photographers published a series of articles for learning landscape photography that was quite helpful for beginners.

What it requires from you?

Traveling. That’s the most significant feature of landscape photography. If you want to become a professional landscape photographer or nature photographer and sell your prints, you will have to travel a lot.

If you are successful, you might end up with National Geographic magazine or something like that, but even if not, there are many many people earning a handsome living by selling their prints online.

The second most important aspect of landscape or nature photography is patience. You will have to reach far-out places, you may have to camp there, eat tin-food and drink only water.

This type of photography is only for the ones who love exploring nature and landscapes. If you get lonely without friends and family, this is not for you.


All pictures are from our old post.

Autumn Morning

autumn morning landscape

Pampa Desert Landscape

pampa Desert Landscape

Deep Evenings

Fee Landscape Photography

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife is probably the most liberating type of photography. Experienced wildlife photographers tell us that this is the type of photography that unveils the secrets of life upon you. It takes to wondrous places, you make friends with strangers, humans and animals. You see the most beautiful and the ugliest sides of life, and the whole experience teaches you differentiate between what you think is important in life, and what really is.

What it requires from you?

First and foremost thing is love for the animals. You need to be able to make friends with them. You need them to trust you so you can get up close.
Also, is one of the two most challenging types of photography (the other one being war photography) so you should have mental and physical toughness. You will have to wait for long hours, which can get extended to days and perhaps even weeks, for taking one good picture.

If you wanna get a taste of wildlife photography, you can take a look at BBC’s guide and start off from your garden.


When the rain begins to fall

orangutan catching rain


eagle wildlife

Summer morning

spider web photography


Psychedelic Zebra

zebra photo

Wildlife Photographer in Water

Free Wild life photography

Photo Journalism and News Photography

According to a Chinese proverb, a picture tells a thousand words. Pictures became a regular part of press in the 50’s and today we cannot imagine a newspaper or online publication without pictures.

Taking pictures for news is also very very challenging job just like wildlife photography.

One of the biggest challenges is that you only get one chance. It’s not like you can come here tomorrow and take another shot, if it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

What it requires from you?

You need to be quick, you need to be on your toes always!
You also need to find stories. Photojournalism only works if you can spot the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Another challenge is that it’s not always bright sunshine in the land of journalism. You may have to go to conflict areas, and you will certainly have to go to unstable areas. The areas maybe unstable because of natural disasters or man-made, but you will have to have a strong heart and strong spirit.

National Geographic magazine published a guide for beginning photojournalists that can be downloaded as PDF. It’s a brilliant resource for anyone who wants to try out news photography.


This Life

Child News Photography

Electricity in North Korea

respect to the leader

Another Kashmiri Killed

kashmir and state terrorism

Photographer in Street War

Free war photographer


Free Photogrpher's photography

Sports Photography

Sports photography is all about capturing high speed photos. It has one thing similar with news photography which is that you will not get a second chance to take that photo. Other than this, there are no drawbacks or challenges in sports photograph.

This is one of those photography types that are comparatively easy but also glamorous.

What it requires from you?

You need to love sports, that’s a given but also, you should not be crazy about it. You will not be able to concentrate on the game if you are focusing on taking pictures. You will also have to travel a lot.

One thing I should clarify here that sports don’t usually make as much as some other photographers do. It’s because this job is relatively easy.

I find Wikihow’s article informative enough for beginners. So if you wanna kickoff your sports photography career, you can start from over there.


Ali Knocks Out Liston

Muhammad Ali



Usain Bolt Ready to Break Record, Again

Usain Bolt Breaks World Record, Again

And if you are in a funny mood, you can capture this.



Now we have reached the part for indoor photography. Until now, we have been discussing the photography types on which you do not have much control. You did get second chances and your job was also pretty hectic.

Now we are jumping into the artistic realms of photography. Portrait is definitely one of the most artistic photography types as this depends wholly on capturing the emotions.

What it requires from you?

For capturing portraits, you need to be pay attention to details. You need to understand facial features represent emotions. You should be able to enhance those features which are enhancing the feel.

If you have a nag of painting or sketching, you can become a superb portrait photographer.


Is it you?

beautiful seductive hot girls potrait photography

The Right to Be Happy

kid smiling and happy playing in mud

Fighting & Smiling

old man Fighting & Smiling

Eagle Portrait

animal portrait eagle

Event or Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography is becoming more and more commercially favored niche of photography. People pay a lot to photographers for capturing the best day of their lives…. but of course, they want photos to be even better-looking than reality itself!

And it’s not that unfair, none of us looks as good as his/her profile picture! We all want our photos to look better than the reality. The only difference is that we get a million chances take our profile photos but one won’t get many chances to take his/her wedding photos (Hollywood celebrities are an exception).

What it requires from you?

Event based photography needs the photographer to be good looking and well mannered. Believe me, people who bring absolutely stunning wildlife images and news photos would be terrible at event photography because they are men of field. They know how to survive but they don’t know how to hold a glass of wine in front of the queen.

If you want to be a successful event/wedding photographer, you need to put emphasis on your interpersonal skills and personality.


Summer Wedding

Sam’s Jewellery


Fashion Photography

The most important element of fashion photography is concept, rest are just details.

Fashion photography is something that comes from within. It bases on talent, not skill.

What it requires from you?

This photography type is not cheap. It needs you to have props, models and a proper studio (even if it’s in your bedroom or garage). You’ll have to play with lighting, shadows, make up and everything such.

One more thing that you’ll have to do is give the model confidence. You will have to motivate her/him to keep them and yourself charged. A look of confidence is critical for a fashion photo.


Violet Thought

Violet Thought conceptual fashion

Fashion Dog

fashion dog

Try your fortune

amzing gothic fashion photgraphy

Baby/Family Photography

Personally, I feel that babies provide us the most expressionistic images. They sometimes get an expression that even the best of models can’t produce. Probably that’s because their expressions are 100% real. Same goes for families, their expressions are also 100% real.

What it requires from you?

Families require a different kind of interpersonal skills from you. Here, you need to be very friendly, cheerful person. You should be able to make them comfortable and you need them to have fun. You need to know how to bring real smiles to a person’s face. And most importantly, you need to know how to bring a smile on a baby’s face.


Family Photo

Family Photo

A Love So Pure

Mother and Baby Photography

The Young Model

Cute young model with the amazing tips of professional baby photography


beautiful photographs of babies

Mother and Daughter

Artistic Photo

Macro Photography

There are two meanings for the term “macro photography” or “macrography”. One is the applied meaning and one is the literal meaning.

Literally, macrography means “to view the object in enlarged with the help of a photo”.
In applied meaning, macro photography is the photography type where you take close up photos of insects and other very very small creatures. Water drop photography is very common.

What it requires from you?

The first thing that comes to my mind is that you should not be afraid of bugs.
Macro photography can be done on-location, meaning outdoors and you can bring the insects into your studio.

Most of the techniques applied for taking insect pictures are same as portrait photography but of course you need to use different type of lens and lighting. Digital Photography School published a series of articles that are quite helpful if you think macro photography is your thing.


The last song of the mosquito

last song of mosquito

Rain Drop

rain drop macro photography

Morning Dew

adorable nature insects macro photography

Red Veined Darter

insect water drop photography

There are many others types of photography, such as specialized photography types of food, architecture etc. but the fact is that there can be as many types of photography as there are objects on this planet. So I will stop here because if you do try yourself on these photography types that I’ve just mentioned, you wouldn’t need details of any other type.

Trick Photography Types

Earlier, we categorized photography types based on the subjects/objects they were photographing. Time to change now.

Now we are looking for photography types based on the technical methods.


High Dynamic Range, commonly known as HDR photography, is a trick in which photos with different exposures are combined, which increase that photo’s “dynamic range”. To make it clear, the exposure level between dark and light areas of a photo is called its dynamic range. Basically, you can manage HDR directly with some software but generally it is done with 3 photographs having different exposures.

The main purpose of HDR photography is to take better photos in ugly situations or in situations in which you can’t think about perfect camera settings. However, the best suited situations in which you should do HDR include landscapes, portraits in heavy sunlight and scenes with low light.


Boracay Cove

hdr photography sky


gloom hdr tree photography

HDR works

hdr photography

Tilt Shift

Tilt-shift photography involves shrinking your subject and making it appear like a toy. The photography trick has been grabbing much attention for last few years. The main purpose of this trick is to pick a real life scene and convert it into a fun miniature scene.

For professional tilt-shift results, you will need a specialized lens. But there are free apps that you can use with your mobile device that generate near-pro results.


Children Playground


The Bustling City




Long Exposure

Long exposure photos captured when the camera’s image sensor was exposed to light for a longer period of time than usual. Traditionally this technique of is used for taking images at night, since the light is low, the lens is exposed the light longer, hence pictures become clear. But this technique also adds kind of a special effect to the photos.

If you take a long exposure photo of a hustly-bustly landscape, the camera catches light trails, thus it captures an amount of time. In the photo emerging as a result, you can actually feel the speed of the objects. And it can also create a dream-like mysterious environment on nature and landscape photography, for example try shooting a long exposure photo of some sunshine coming in from a guild of trees.

If you want to know more about this type of photography, you should check out our most popular article ever.


Light House

Long Exposure Photos


Photography Technique

Sky ways

Long Exposure Techniques

Dune Blazers

desrts high speed

It’s getting late now, I must conclude this article… but first, this section needs a little more explaining.

There are many, many photography types when it comes to trick photography. These few types which I have just mentioned are only tip of the iceberg. There are double-exposure photos, infrared photos, speed motion blurry photos etc. etc. etc.


Photography is a unique blend of science and art, skill and talent, technology and tradition. Such a huge field of work has to have various specializations, and there are many in the case of photography. Now it is up to you to decide which particular niche, which photography type suits you most.

Once you find the your favorite photography type, the one where you will excel greatly and you will love doing it, that’s when nothing can stop you from reaching the top. All the best.

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