Last year, we made a post for Supreme Examples of PhotoJournalismEverybody appreciated it, yet we couldn’t make another post on the same topic… the only reason is that news are not always comforting. Yet, sometimes we have to suffer pain for long lasting relief. These photos might be disturbing for some of our readers, but reveal the other side of the picture, it’s important we see them, and play our part in the battle against…. all this.

It’s a photographers job to show all this, and this is the thing that is most difficult to show. Only very few of the photographers have what it takes to deliver this. So it is an inspiration for all the photographers and aspiration for everyone else.

Note: The article contains explicit material. Viewer discretion is advised.

Photo Journalism is not just about showing something, it’s about creating an awareness and creating a change. Wildlife Photography is difficult, very difficult but that only needs skills. For Photo Journalism, the person has to be a good human being as well. He needs needs to contain utmost urge to change the scenario. That is why I respect these photographers a lot.

Tomasz Lazar: 2012, People in the News

2nd Prize, Singles. World Press Photo Awards
A protester is arrested during demonstrations against police stop-and-frisk tactics in Harlem, New York on 21 October.

Arrest Me, Can’t Arrest My Voice!

Arrest me can't arrest my voice

Altaf Qadri: 2011, People in the News

1st Prize, Singles. World Press Photo Awards
The sister of Feroz Ahmad Malik wails as she clings to the bed carrying his body, at his funeral in Palhalan, near the city of Srinagar, in Indian-administered Kashmir. The Muslim majority of Kashmir leans towards Pakistan or seek independence, while India has settled over 600,000 armed soldiers who eradicate all efforts of independence.

Kashmir, The Disputed Paradise.

kashmir and state terrorism

Terror on the Ground

The incident that changed our planet forever. The towers fell and war arose.

Nine Eleven, The Moment That Never Passes.

911 airplane strike

Jodi Bieber: 2011, Portraits

1st Prize, Singles. World Press Photo Awards
Bibi Aisha, 18, was disfigured as retribution for fleeing her husband’s house.

Only in Afghanistan.

bibi aisha disfigured pic

Benjamin Lowy: 2011, Nature

1st Prize, Stories. World Press Photo Awards

Pools of crude oil float to the surface of the Gulf of Mexico at the site of the sunken Deepwater Horizon drill. In April, the Deepwater Horizon oil-drilling rig, in the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast, sunk after an explosion. Over the next four months, the resultant sea-floor oil gusher released an estimated 4.9 million barrels (nearly 780 million liters) of crude oil, making it the biggest marine oil spill in history and causing extensive damage to marine and wildlife habitats, as well as to tourism and fishing industries in the Gulf.

Liquid Death!

oil leakage in gulf of mexico

Andrew Biraj: 2011, Daily Life in Bangladesh

3rd Prize, Singles. World Press Photo Awards

A slightly crowded train approaches a railway station in Dhaka, Bangladesh, as more passengers wait to board. This is a daily routine, there when the Eid Holidays arrive.

It’s Eid!

overloaded trains

Christophe Archambault: 2011, Nature

3rd Prize, Stories. World Press Photo Awards

A man smokes outdoors in Cemoro Lawang, which is the main tourist access point to Mount Bromo and was badly affected by the eruption. Mount Bromo volcano, a popular tourist attraction in East Java, Indonesia, began to show signs of activity in November, with a major eruption on 19 December spewing stones and ash 2,000 meters into the air.

Life Under the Nose of Death.

Mont Bromo Lava eruption

Damir Sagolj: 2011, North Korea

1st Prize, Singles. World Press Photo Awards
A portrait of North Korean founder Kim Il Sung appears to be the only thing deemed worthy of electric light in a cluster of Pyongyang buildings pictured in October 2011.
Though Kim died almost two decades ago, North Korea’s constitution recognizes him as the nation’s “eternal president.” His son, Kim Jong Il, ruled the country until his own death in December 2011—not long after Damir Sagolj of Bosnia and Herzegovina had taken this picture.

Love Thy Leader!

respect to the leader

Chris Tangey: Outback Tornado

Chris Tangey of Alice Springs Film and Television was filming a wildfire when a small twister touched down, “causing it to build into a spinning flame,” according to Australia’s The video became an instant hit. Tangey told the media: “It sounded like a jet fighter going by, yet there wasn’t a breath of wind where we were.”

Also known as fire whirls, fire devils, or even firenados, are not really rare, just rarely documented.

firenados natural disaster

Matt Dogget: Beauty, Beneath the Surface

1st Prize, British Wildlife Photography Awards

Fish-seeking gannets torpedo beneath the waves in “Gannet Jacuzzi,” the overall winner of the 2012 BWP Awards. The photographer used dead mackerel to attract the birds in a remote location off northern Scotland.

It’s What Underneath That Counts.

Scotland sea species

Debbie O’Briend: Arctic Tendrils

Bright northern lights can catch people off guard, but in high-latitude locales such as Kuujjuak, Canada, auroras become a fairly common sight as nights lengthen at summer’s end.

There are Lazer Light Shows, and then there’s This.

aurora northern lights

Luis Benavides: The Fathers, Owl Monkey

Human fathers get plenty of recognition on Father’s Day—celebrated this year on June 17. But the animal kingdom also has its share of committed dads. Take male owl monkeys (pictured, a zoo adult and baby in 2009), which appear to perform most of the duties in rearing their young.

Father: A Son’s First Friend, A Daughter’s First Love.

owl monkey Fathers day

Peter Vancoillie: Lit From Within

Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupts with flash and ash in 2010. This was the time when many people (including Lindsay Lohan) got stuck in Europe and couldn’t travel back to US, thanks to the ash in the skies.

The Muscle of Mother Nature.

volcano lightening at night

Tunç Tezel: Transit Distortion

A distorted sun with a “blemish” on its face rises over the Caspian Sea in a picture of the 2012 transit of Venus taken from the shores of Azerbaijan on Wednesday.

During the transit—the last one until 2117—Venus crossed between Earth and the sun, so that observers could see a black dot gliding over the solar disk. The sun appears squashed in this frame because more of its light is being bent by the thick layers of Earth’s atmosphere.

Caspian Sea also hold’s world’s 2nd biggest oil reserves in its base. 

mars in front of the sun

Herbert Ponting: Battling Sea Ice

This is over a century old Photograph. On her polar voyage, Terra Nova (pictured amid sea ice in 1911) carried 3 motor sledges, 162 mutton carcasses, 19 ponies, 33 dogs, and more than 450 tons of coal—not to mention 65 people, from sailors to scientists.

Though ice was ultimately her downfall, the heavily laden vessel persevered through thick Antarctic ice during the polar expedition, gaining the admiration of Caption Scott.

The Most Technology Could Offer, Just a Couple of Generations Ago.

Terra Nova (pictured amid sea ice in 1911)

Ahmad Gharabli: Damaged Mosque

Cultural and historical monuments throughout Syria, like this mosque in Azaz north of Aleppo, have been damaged by shelling, gunfire, and ongoing violence.

War Respects No One.

Syria war kid sitting on tank

Samuel Aranda: Remedy

Winner of World Press Photo Awards

A woman comforts a relative—and seems to bring Michelangelo’s “Pietà” heartrendingly to life—during October protests against Yemen’s then president.
“The winning photo shows a poignant, compassionate moment, the human consequence of an enormous event, an event that is still going on,” jury chair Aidan Sullivan, of Getty Images, said in a statement. “We might never know who this woman is, cradling an injured relative, but together they become a living image of the courage of ordinary people that helped create an important chapter in the history of the Middle East.

Justice Comes at a Price!

afghanistan war victims

Disclaimer: is sharing these pictures solely for the purpose of sharing the knowledge and a humble attempt to create awareness for what is wrong. We do not intend to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings.

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