This is a collection of various free custom shapes sets containing over 500 Photoshop custom shapes in total.

Custom shapes are a great way to save time. I personally feel they are a good source of inspiration as well, sometimes when you are stuck up and your creative brain is not being creative enough, you can just look at a shape and suddenly the whole design flashes in your mind.

It happens to me a lot, I don’t know about you… but you should try to get inspiration from it.

As the title suggests, this is a mixed collection so whether you are a graphics man or a web designer, you should have a look at it.

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Free photoshop cs5 resources custom shapes download

Birds by  lukeroberts

Adobe photoshop custom shapes

Aircraft by  lukeroberts

custom shapes for adobe photoshop

Graffiti by  lukeroberts

adobe photoshop custom shapes download pack

Isometric Shapes II by  thesuper

Adobe photoshop custom shapes

Snowflake Custom Shapes by  olliesan

useful custom shapes for designers

Retro Circles – Custom Shapes by  TrillianAstra

adobe photoshop custom shapes

Abstract Shapes. by  redcarbon

Adobe photoshop custom shapes

90 Gears PS Shapes by  Shapes4FREE

adobe photoshop custom shapes

 Rosette Custom Shapes by  slavetofashion69

Adobe photoshop custom shapes

Angry Birds Shapes by  ariimage

adobe photoshop custom shapes

Abstract Circles by  V3St1G3

Adobe photoshop abstract custom shapes

12 Arrow Shapes by  DisasterLab

Adobe photoshop custom shapes

Banners  Scrolls Brushes by  redheadstock

Adobe photoshop banners custom shapes

48 Europe Shapes by  DisasterLab

adobe photoshop europe map custom shapes

Photoshop Badge Shapes

Adobe photoshop custom shapes

Web Arrows Icons

Adobe photoshop custom shapes

 90+ Shapes Icons (Vector)


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