Last week I made Horror Custom Shapes for you guys. This week I’m here with the most un-scary thing possible, music! So here are some handy Musical Brushes for Photoshop.

Designers often have to design DJ posters, music album covers and plenty of things related to music.

To design such items beautifully yet quickly, we need ready-made resource. We present that kind of resource here on Designzzz.

These bushes will be mighty useful if you use them for designing anything related to music.

Note: All resources makes are royalty-free, you are free to use them commercially. But we do appreciate if you give us a link back or you mention our name in any other way. This is a great way to say “thank you” for this resource if it was useful for you. But then again, it is not compulsory and we understand that when you are creating something for clients, there is no way you can provide a link back to the source.

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download free photoshop musical brushes abr files

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