Best Photoshop Tutorials of October 2011

Usually on Mondays, your friend Waseem makes a Photoshop tutorial but this week he took an unscheduled leave, so I made this collection of latest oven hot tutorials.

Since the criterion for selection was not a specific topic, it’s a cocktail of photo effects, photo manipulation and design tutorials. Most of the tutorials are easy and quick but some are for the advanced pros. It is a must check post if you want to stay updated with the latest in design industry.

photo effects – photo manipulations

Design a Scenic Out of Frame Photo Manipulation

This is a mixed effect of combining, toning and ambiance designing. Excellent tutorial.

October 2011 tutorials

How to Create Dramatic Sci-Fi Photo Manipulation

You’ll see different ways of adding lights and shadows and discover the way how you can add realistic fire to your pictures.

photoshop tutorial latest

Create a Dark and Surreal Photo Manipulation

How to do a dark and surreal photo manipulation called “Released”. You will learn how to manipulate stock photos in a proper way, adjust light and shadow correctly.

photoshop tutorials in october 2011

How to Non-destructively Sharpen Your Image

How to Non-destructively Sharpen Your Image, as a result bring out more photo details in Photoshop. You can apply this method to any image and you will be amazed by the result.

Photoshop tutorial

Design a Dark, Moody Movie Poster

Even though it seems like a design tutorial but basically the techniques used are learned from image manipulations so this tutorial also comes in the Photo-Effects category.

Latest Photoshop tutorial

How To Create A Smoky Water Scene

Learn how to manipulate a simple photo a scene. Simple techniques to give this image realistic results.

photoshop tutorial for october

How to Create a Disturbing Scene of a Flooded Room with a Giant Hand Carrying a Fish

The title says it all.

Dirty hand


Break-Apart Text Effect with Urban Background

This is an intermediate level tutorial so some steps can be tricky, but why not have a try…

latest photoshop tutorial


The most intriguing thing about this tutorial is the website’s layout. But of course, the result is also great.

photoshop design tutorial

Create A Human/Robot Hybrid In Photoshop

create a detailed composition of a human/robot hybrid. To make this happen we will use a combination of tools and effects in Photoshop that when used properly can yield some great results.

Latest photoshop tutorial of 2011

Easily Create a Wood Sticks Typography Effect

It’s mainly just the idea and of the design that makes it eye-catching. Learn how to convert your idea into reality using the very simple methods.

typography tutorial wooden photoshop

Textured Cube

Create this texture cube using purely Photoshop. The topics discussed here are about using simple techniques to add textures, plants and light rays to add interest to a simple hollow cube shape.

photoshop tutorial

Freestyle Text Effect with Pen Tool and Liquify Filter

This is a beginner level tutorial so should be quite easy to complete.  Mainly used tool is Pen Tool and Liquify filter supports it to create flowing effect.

Latest photoshop tutorial 2011

Design a Super Sleek Sports Web Layout

A stylish, mediocre, funky web design layout tutorial for football (american version, not soccer) lovers.

photoshop tutorial

Creating the Dark Side of Spierman

I found this tutorial on Deviant Art so it is basically just one picture. Maybe not something for the beginners 🙁

photoshop latest tutorials

Advanced Tutorial: Creating ‘Broken Link’

This is an advanced tutorial and requires Tablet. You can give it a try with mouse but there’s a fair chance that you won’t get the desired results.

photoshop in 2011

Create a Stitched Text Effect for an iPad Wallpaper

How to create a custom stitched text effect for an iPad Wallpaper, or any other use.

photoshop tutorials of 2011

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