12 Popular PHP Frameworks for Web Developers

These are the most popular PHP frameworks that are being used by the web developers world all over.

PHP frameworks are of utmost importance for developers and programmers as they help them building up websites and web applications more effectively and perfectly.

Below is the collection of some top rated frameworks that can be used for all sorts of projects:


The best thing about this framework is that it listens to the developers’ efforts that they put over writing code, because it requires less and precise code. Moreover, it makes the process of web and app building faster and simpler.

Cake PHP

It does not require developers to make up XML and YAML files, rather they can start up by just setting database. All key features that a programmer needs while working like Translations, database access, caching, validation, authentication are available by default in this framework.


Zend is a wide-ranged framework that is used to buildup more sophisticated, modern, reliable and secure applications. It uses a great amount of APIs that are available with ace vendors like Yahoo, Google, Flicker and Amazon. It has various building blocks that programmers can easily use juxtapose with other frameworks and apps.

Zend is one of the best PHP Frameworks

Zend is easy to mould according to needs and requirements. This is used for developing large scale business and commercial applications. It has proved history of reliability and security.


Symfony is a full-fledged framework that includes all features architecture components and development tools. It is available for free.


The commendable thing about this is that is speeds up the development process and, thus, developers use this when they are bound to release an app in a short period of time. Moreover, it gives developers full control over all configurations. It also allows them to test, debut and document their projects.


Prado, that stands for PHP Rabid Application Development Object-oriented, is a component based application framework that is used for PHP 5. This free framework can be used for both open source and commercial applications.


Released in August 2004, this framework contains one and a half million lines of core code and 700 classes. Its key components include input handling and business logic. It clearly separates presentation and content. That best thing about this is that it has a built-in SEO feature. Its over 100 widgets make the development process fast and easy.


Akelos web app development framework is based on MVC (Model View Controller) pattern. It allows developers to write views easily by using Ajax. Moreover, they can control requests and responses quickly.


The amazing feature of Akelos is that the applications built with this framework can run on all servers as this requires only a PHP file available with the hosting server. This is the reason most developers prefer to employ this framework for making up apps.


Originally, Maintainable was only confined to a few projects, but later, it was made open source. Based on model view controller patter, this framework is compatible with PHP version 5.1.4.


Maintainable always keeps all projects consistent and developers can easily switch among projects while working. There is a limitation in this framework that this is not appropriate for making up all types of applications, rather programmers use it just for building small to mid-sized apps.


This is a mature framework for developing GUI, command line and web applications. Seagull helps programmers to easily and quickly manage code resources, and thus, they can complete big projects in short span of time.


To the beginners, this framework offers various sample apps that can be customized according to needs and requirements.  It not only helps in building up apps but allows developers to host and maintain them over local as well as remote servers.


Zoop is a flexible and extendable framework. It is quite stable, measureable and adaptable. Developers have been successfully using this for building up various sorts of applications since almost half a decade. This is equally useful for both beginners and experienced coders.

Zoop PHP Framework

It contains a number of tools that help programmers in handling projects easily and quickly. Zoop’s GuiControl feature is quite amazing. Its other useful features include AJAX integration, automatic form creation and validation, session handling and PDF creation.


This is an open source framework that programmers use to develop AJAX applications. Being a blend of JavaScript and XML, AjaxAC is a perfect choice for most of the developers who attempt to build up large scale apps.


It contains a number of action handlers and event handlers. It has a built-in functionality for handling JavaScript events. AjaxAC is easy to integrate with templating engines.


Solar is a PHP 5 framework which has built-in support for configuration and localization. Its code is quite elegant and easy to comprehend. It also has full name-spacing facility, making it quite easy to mix and match different component s from different databases and libraries.


Solar allows developers to create forms automatically. It contains cache adapters and authentication adapters as well.

Blue shoes

Blueshoes is an in-depth application framework along with a reliable content management system. The best thing about this is that it offers complete support for different databases like Oracle, MySQL and MSSQL.

Blue Shoes

This framework provides real-time and accurate solutions for different issues like User Management, Closed User Groups, Session Handling and Exception Handling. This is writing in web scripting PHP language, therefore, it is easy to use and handle both for beginners and mature developers.


Limb is also an open source PHP framework. Currently, Limb 3 is the latest version that is being effectively used in the IT market. This is often used for rapid application development. Programmers rely on this framework when they have to give a release in limited time. It generates easy-to-maintain code that can be changed and handled simply and easily.


Limb contains a number of reusable components that you can use with any other frameworks easily. Moreover, this framework has an open forum where developers can post their queries and get quick and accurate answers.

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