One of the most important qualities that a successful business must have is having a good customer service. A research was done in Utah State University which showed that the average business receives complaints from only 4% of its dissatisfied customers. The other 96% walk away quietly, without complaining and with the intention of never returning back.

This means if you have received complaints from four customers then chances are there were 96 (!) other customers who too had the same complaint but didn’t bother to approach you.

Now a dissatisfied customer will tell his bad experience to his friends, family and neighbors.

Statistics have shown that an average dissatisfied customer will tell eight to ten people that a business failed to satisfy him. One in five of those then share that news with 20 others.

So you see how important customer satisfaction is?

Importance of Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service

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You must be spending quite enough money on advertising and marketing campaigns where you are trying to spread the word about your brand. Until and unless you want to send the message “We don’t care for our customers” you should ensure that your customer service is awesome.

If not, your marketing won’t be of any help. It’s like trying very hard to invite very many people to a party and then when they arrive at your doorstep, you push them back by slamming close the doors on their faces.

There is one thing you should always remember: a poor customer service experience will leave a more lasting and a more powerful impression when compared to a positive marketing message.

When people are searching for help online, then they usually are more emotional than when they are browsing otherwise. This means that a poor customer service often creates a negative emotional response which triggers negative publicity.

Negative Publicity

If you want less people to write hate messages on Facebook against your brand or if you want fewer people to tweet negative tweets about your company don’t hire more social media analysts, that won’t do. Fix your customer service department.

Secret of Success

Secret of Success

Then you should never over promise. The mantra is – under promise and over deliver.

For example suppose a person’s cell phone stops working due to some defect. The person calls the mobile phone company telling them about the problem. Now that company tells him they will get the phone replaced.

Of course the customer will be happy to hear that.

But then suppose when the customer reaches their office he is told that it is not possible to replace the set. But they will get it repaired.

Even if the customer gets his set repaired, even if the phone starts working properly again, the customer will still be dissatisfied because he was promised something different.

Now instead, suppose, that the company’s call center operative would have told him that they will see what they can do once he submits the phone for inspection. And then when they would have repaired it free of cost, the customer would feel better than in the previous situation.

You see in both the situations the final outcome was the same but the customer satisfaction was different.


I read somewhere the example of Adidas. If you order a pair of shoes from them then they will tell you that they will deliver in (say) ten days. But almost always they will deliver much before that, (say) four days.

Now imagine if they would have promised they will deliver in two days and would have taken four days to deliver, it would have cast a bad impression on their brand and the customer would have been left dissatisfied.

The moral of the above two lessons is this. Never make false promises to your customers. Tell them the bare truth, plain and simple. They may get angry yes, but they will get angrier if you won’t be able to deliver on a promise.

Don’t think that just because you are not a conman, just because you are not cheating your customers, they will keep on buying from you.

In this day and age when brands are mercilessly competing for attention, you need to be good at everything, especially customer service.

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I hope this article would have convinced you that you should focus on customer service. Let me know in the comments below what you think about the issue.

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