Macro Insect Pictures are really really beautiful. One thing insect photography teaches you is patience. That’s because insects are scared easily and you just cannot get close to them to take a shot. It is also a fact that some of these insects are deadly, such as honeybee.

They are a beautiful creature but armed with their stings, they can change the map of your face. Insect Photographers apply various tricks to be able capture their microscopic beauty yet avoiding all the harm to themselves and these lovely creatures.

Today on my second post on Designzzz, I decided to make a collection to showcase this beauty of the minor and give out abundance of inspiration to the photographers. As usual you’ll also find tips for taking these photos.


  • Patience….. There are millions of insects, you’ll capture one just be patient if the first few ones you see run away.
  • Some beetles freeze when you breathe on them. You can experiment.
  • Insects are usually less-active in the twilight timings. That’s the best time to capture them.
  • Never ever put your shadow on the creature, they run away. Be like a spy who comes in the shadows and never makes his own.
  • Changing seasons of spring and autumn provide the best view and largest amount of photogenic insects.
  • Avoid there stings and other attack systems.

Between sky and sea

Beautiful Mosquito photography

Beautiful Ant Reflection

Ant reflection Photography

World upside down

art in danger photography

Head over Heels

ant reflection photography

Weevil in fur armor.

green ant photography

Preying Mantes

green ant photograhy

“Pink Paradise”

colourfull ant photography

“Through thorns to stars”

strange ant phtography

Fishing Ants

ant reflection photogaphy


butterfly phootgraphy

Ant and the Dew Drop

grass ant photogaphy

“Who do you want?”

green ant phoography

meal monster

insect eating phootgraphy.

Beauty in Insects II

insect in air photoraphy

In a Combat Stance

caterpillar at  stem

The last song of the mosquito

last song of mosquito


spider in pitcher plant.


bee sucking nectors

Insekt by ~siscanin

insect photography


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