Artworks and Designs to Protest Against SOPA

Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Internet Protocol Act (PIPA) and now Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) in Europe, are all over internet these days. Users’ favorite companies like Google and Wikipedia are protesting against them, because they believe that these acts are like a lock on your mouth, they will take away your “right to say”. On the other hand, companies like Warner Brothers and other production houses say that government should hold the ultimate power to stop any website at anytime so their content is not distributed through piracy.

To some extent both of the parties are right, but both of them want the ultimate authority to nail down the other. With proper planning, there can be a solution but the outrage SOPA and PIPA have generated, it seems clear that they are not a solution.

While the battle is on between the internet users and government, I made a collection of protest designs which were made recently. It should be a good inspiration.


Sopa Pipa Posters artworks


against sopa war


Victory on sopa posters

Warrior Spirit

sopa posters in yellow

Fight For Freedom

Freedom fight poster for sopa

Stop Sopa

stop Sopa Posters

Fake Snow For Real People

Amazing poster of artwork against sopa

Sopa Diseno

Against sopa

Spring Time

Amazing spring artworks against SOPA

Just Taste

creative sopa graphic and sketches

STOP SOPA! by  Sprouse-Artwork

stop sopa poster web developer


Happy SOPA Day! by  Baki-Baki

sopa man

Stop SOPA by cGonzo

amazing artworks againts sopa and pipa

STOP SOPA by Cafekos

Aamzing artworks for stopping sopa

NO SOPA by Katarjana

creative stop sopa cat posters

My opinion on SOPA by  Llyzabeth

opinions on sopa posters

STOP SOPA-PIPA by unforgivenmind

Compaign against sopa

Awareness Project by Synchrome

sopa in japan

Say NO to ACTA – worse than SOPA and PIPA

Sopa and pipa

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