These are tips and tricks for everyone who is thinking of starting an online business.

You tried hard to develop your online shop, you created an eye-catchy design and stuffed it with a rich selection of items to any taste and budget. What’s next? The goal of any ecommerce site is driving potential clients to it and getting a higher page rank. How to achieve that? How can one get site traffic without spending much money on expensive advertizing? We are here to assist you.

Though everyone understands that there is no way to get traffic quickly, there are several proven ways to do this faster than you may think.

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Best Ways to Drive Traffic to eStore

Online marketing is a complex and ever-changing world, with a number of advanced technologies and approaches being developed on a regular basis. If you’re running an ecommerce site (based on WordPress or any other popular CMS), you need to keep track of novelties and be always ready to apply something new to your project. Consider these proven ways of driving traffic to your estore to reach the desired results.

Everything starts from developing a user-friendly website with attractive design. You should build it so it fits your marketing strategy for attracting new clients and generating sales leads. Will you buy from a site that is difficult to navigate and has ugly layout? I doubt that. If an ecommerce site is interesting, easy-to-follow, and engaging, then it is doomed for success. There is no need in wasting money on web design elements that will hardly increase your estore sales convection. Instead, concentrate on better communicating your business ideas to your visitors.

Content always matters. It’s easy to get lost in a wide variety of ecommerce sites available on the web. Start a blog and keep people updated about the latest arrivals and new offers on your ecommerce site. The catchier you write the stronger desire people will have to purchase something from you. Don’t forget to add some relevant keyword phrases to your texts. If you don’t know how to do that, simply put yourself in the place of your readers and think about the keywords they would use searching for this or that item. Search engine optimization may be easier than it seems.

Social media is crucial. This is one of the best ways to promote your business and get site traffic. Setting up a Facebook page that sends weekly updates to your customers will help keeping them informed about all novelties and special deals. This will also allow people share your updates with their friends, thereby welcoming a wider audience to visit your website.

Twitter is another helpful marketing tool. Thanks to the possibility to share and retweet links and pictures from your website you’ll be able to spread the word without much effort. In fact, people will do this for you. Just set up your company account and success will follow.
Don’t forget to follow accounts of other ecommerce stores and share their updates with your audience. In such a way, you’ll be able to create a community or a network that will help you further promote your company online.

Make it simple. We all know that the easer the checkout process is, the more people will buy. However, not all businesses follow this rule. It often happens so that customers choose items to their liking, select the color, size, dimensions, features that fit their needs, but they drop their purchases because of the complicated shopping cart structure. Not to let it happen, make it as easy as breathing. Offer people to create an account AFTER checkout, focus on its simplicity and usability, make sure it is easy to navigate and use.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote online. Sending direct emails to your clients is a rule of thumb. You should build up your email database at the earliest since it’s the most cost-effective repeat marketing activity. Generally speaking, there are two main kinds of email communications – periodical deliveries of information selected by your marketing team and transactional emails sent after a person performs certain actions. Send as many emails to your buyers as you wish. This will only increase conversion rates and click through rates dramatically.
Providing people with referral bonuses you will undoubtedly drive more clients to your estore. Offering users cash or discounts for their next purchases for referring friends to your ecommerce site will help you spread the word of mouth and attract a number of new clients at the same time.

Linkbuilding. The Google algorithm for search results depends on other sites linking to your estore and recommending it. It would be great if some sites get linked to you organically, meaning that you neither ask them nor pay for proving links to your site. As a rule, this happens with big online retailers, however you may also get some organic links from bloggers and news sites. This is the perfect scenario. Most often we have to ask for links.

Most Successful eCommerce Sites

Have a look at the most popular ecommerce sites listed below. These make use of the aforementioned strategies and are in high demand among customers worldwide. Check out their designs, subscribe to their news feeds, and learn how they are doing business.



Blue Nile


Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma

Best Buy


What about you? Do you know some other proven ways to drive traffic to your ecommerce website? Which of the aforementioned tips did you find useful? Share with us in comments below.

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