The field of designing, especially our niche of web designing in particular is fiercely competitive. Surviving here is not easy. You don’t just have to be good at the designing part, you need to be great at marketing yourself as well.

In freelancing, your name is your brand and you should treat yourself like one. Marketing campaigns of big brands are worth a lot of money but most of freelancers naturally can’t afford that. Thankfully the Internet has given us a whole new possibilities how to publicize ourselves and our business free of cost in front of a vast market. Today we shall take a look at these methods and modes of free publicity for designers.

Getting Famous on Google

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Our basic objective is to get famous on Google. For example if you are a web designer in Seattle, if someone searches “web designers in Seattle” your name should pop up on the top. But it’s not just about the search engines, yet they do play a very important part.

Many people don’t search through search engines, so we need to place our name all around. And some just don’t search, nowadays, everyone knows at least a couple of guys working in this industry. When somebody needs an assistance in web design related task, he just goes to that person he knows. Consequently, we should also focus on getting ourselves known via a word of mouth.  Now how do we do that? Let’s learn!

Link Building

Be Popular

Let’s start with the search engines. I presume you have a website of your own. List it in all relevant directories such as:

These are many other websites as well which provide this kind of free listing, make sure you look them up and place your name on as many places as you can. Googling with keywords such as “free web design listing” or “web designer directory” will help you find all those sites.

There are some websites which provide the service of classified ads, such as, place your ad there as well. The larger the number of links your site will have (from other websites which are not yours) the higher it will be ranked in  Google and other search engines.


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You should have a personal profile on all social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc. this is the 2nd phase of our mission where you want more people to know  about YOU. This is the fun part of this job. Just be yourself and don’t think about the business. On social media, people want to see YOU, not the owner/marketer of your business. When people get to know YOU, whenever they, or their friends, or friends of their friends need a web design, you will be the first name popping up in their heads.

Free Help

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Help the people in need. In relevant forums and/or communities, people are  often stuck and if you can solve their problem, they’ll be very thankful and they will click on your website, remember your name and whenever they need to, they will order you because you helped them when it was required. You can place your website name in the bottom of your comment, nobody minds about that.

You can also start writing for blogs, such as Designzzz, that will also provide you a backlink for your business, some geek fame and you never know, you might have the talent for becoming a writer.

Free Resources

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If you have a client-flow and you make several designs which are discarded later on (or thrown in the abyss of your hard drive), change your habit. Give them out as a giveaway, you can do this with the help of an established blog, (again, such as Designzzz) and you can do this by making a fan page of Facebook about your business.

Everyone loves the famous “free lunch”, so when you give them something for free, you are bound to be famous.

That’s all I had for now, hope you liked it, don’t forget to share your feedback.

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