It’s been repeated over and over that quality beats quantity. I disagree. Yes, I do! Quality works but let me give you an example that quantity works as well. I used to work in a leading daily newspaper.  There were of course many designers but one guy was the favorite of the boss because he created 2 pages of advertisements daily while any other designer could only be able to design 1 page. This guy’s speed was unmatched and he was also known as the problem-solver. Whenever another designer got stuck somewhere, he asked that guy and he always had a bundle of suggestions. This is because he had fine-tuned himself to finish the work abruptly. And this is not the only example where quantity works.

In design, you should discover your style first. Today I’ll briefly describe the process of discovering and utilizing your potential as well as business strategies according to your style of designing.


There are two types of freelancers, the very best designers stay as a freelancer and the beginning guys at the start of their career also start as freelancers. We are only focusing on the 2nd kind.

Before we go into “how to discover your style” let me clarify one thing; if you are good at creating quantity that does not mean that you are any less than the others. The best of writers have written only a few books while columnists write good articles on a daily basis. They are both equally good. It’s just that their jobs are different. Designers can also work in the very same manner, you just need to find the best place for your talent.

Discovering Your Style

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Undo/Redo: that’s the first thing, how many times do you edit a part of your design which had been finalized. For example you are creating a web design and you finalized the navigation bar, but after a little time, you made an edit again, and after some time, again…. That means you suit Quality type of work, not quantity.

Criticism: if you are a quantity guy, chances are that you won’t be creating trend-setting or culture changing designs. You might hear discouraging remarks from your teachers like you are not creative enough. Don’t be disheartened in such a case, compare your working speed.

Earning Strategies for Quantity Guys

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There must two questions in your mind by now,

  1. If quantity guys are not that creative, will they earn anything?
  2. How can a quantity guy excel over the quality guy when he isn’t a design genius?

Both questions are answered in the article. Let’s take on the first one.  There are many jobs which appreciate quantity over quality. These jobs include all the media sectors or newspapers for graphic designers, TVs’ for visual graphic designers and so on. There are many firms that provide services on low cost rates so they want people who can work fast, they don’t need a guy (like Waseem) who creates one or two designs in a whole week.

Future Plans for Quantity Guys

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What do you think, is there a future for quantity guys??? Yes, more than the quality guys!! The quality guys stay as designers for all their life. Quantity guys are best at ‘getting the job done’ so they are great at managing things. Quality guys are usually working on plenty of things at the same time so that makes them a multi-tasker. Quantity guys are promoted to lead the quality guys. A quantity guy can understand the needs of a quality designer yet he can tell him good tricks to get the project done. If you are a quantity guy and don’t think you can be a good leader, don’t worry, we’ll talk about that after 5 years….


If you are a quality guy, great but if not… still great because you’ll succeed in leading roles. What matters is that you should not change your style, just carry on making yourself better in what you do best.

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