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Now let’s come to this article, as we all take on photography as a hobby but since it is quite an expensive hobby, we try to generate revenue from it. After sometime when we have taken a few great looking shots, we thing we are ready to turn into a pro, but it seems that we still lack something.

Today we will check what is that we feel lacking and how to eliminate those flaws. This is a small fast-track article to improve your photos. You will learn some of the basic tricks to turn your pictures in professional shots.

Photographer in photography

An Image stolen from 20 Photos To See How It Looks Like Behind The Photographer’s Camera

Composition: amateurs rarely get the composition right. Their pictures are off-centered and unnecessary objects can be seen in them. So whenever you frame the shot, make sure that you have the best angle and best zoom level.

Light and Exposure: even when amateurs start to get the angle right, they rarely focus on the exposure. Light and exposure are the basic things which your viewer going to notice, even before the concept of the image. You must get it right. There are books on getting the light right, but basically it’s just practice.

Focus: the master photographers are the one who can properly use the focus and depth of the field. And this is one of the things which you won’t learn on “auto-mode”. You’ll have to switch to manual and the first few results will be heart-breaking, but practice makes a photographer perfect.

Salability: professional photographers take shots that are appropriate for many situations, for example, a photographer takes a photo of a field of flowers, and he will sell it to travel magazines, wallpaper sites, poster shops, nature blogs etc. so the commercial value is always high. You should also focus on this point.

Art vs. Profession: many seasoned giants of photography consider themselves as amateurs, that’s because they say that they take it as art, not as their profession. In you intent to become someone like them, you must have job that you love. Photography is an expensive hobby.

Perfection: good photographers are good at all kinds of photography but the specialist professional photographers are always in demand. These specialist niches are wedding photography, fashion photography, nature photography and so on. There are micro-niches in all of these niches, such as nature photography has niches like tree photography, flower photography etc. etc. etc.
I suggest you choose a niche or micro-niche that you love and start buying the arsenal it requires.

Compare:  open portfolios of grand-masters and compare your work to theirs. Locate the missing elements, the time will  soon come when you will start considering your work almost as good.

That’s it folks. This is the first of its kind article on Designzzz, if you like it, please comment.

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