Quick Tips for Staying Motivated at Work

I wrote a few quick tips articles a in the last couple of weeks. The specialty of these articles was that I created them in the light of my personal experiences and that’s probably the reason why they received such a good response.

Today I’m writing about keeping yourself motivated, this is something where I had trouble, some serious trouble I might add. Why is it so hard you ask? Let’s take an example of a logo designer. There are many websites which offer logo design contests. There are hundreds of designers but only one gets to be the winner, and winner of not something special such as an Olympic gold, winner of obtaining enough money for a pleasant family dinner, that’s it. Rest of the hundreds of designers have to suck-it-up and start it all over again. So much for staying motivated, right!!

Today I’ll describe what I did in drastic situations and how come I survived.


Ergonomics: Ergonomics is the science of arranging furniture in such a way that workers can be most active yet comfortable. Arrange your workplace ergonomically. You can view this youtube for more details.

Exercise: To stay active and stay happy with yourself, you need to do a little exercise regularly.

Colleague Relationship: If you work in an office, having a good relationship with your colleagues is vital. Always try to help them out whenever they need you and if you can, bring an occassional gift for everybody (the same gift).

Leg Pulling: Never ever be a part of it. Grouping is natural but you, every office, team or guild has it. But you’re a player only if you can dribble your way out. Being diplomatic and efficient is the key.

Having a Little Fun: Making fun of your boss, spreading a few jokes, playing practical jokes, sharing personal stories and such activities don’t do any harm at all. These are the things which will make you love your office so you should do it. If you are not such a speaking person, just having a laugh with the rest is enough. Be a little careful about making fun of your boss. They sometime don’t like it. Not every boss is like the boss of Designzzz.

Freelancing Start: At the start of your freelancing career, the clients are not rushing in, don’t lose your motivation. Just remember why you are doing it, what your goals are and when you will start earning the money, how much better the life would be.

Don’t Do a Disliked Job: Never accept a job just out of desperation, if you are a web designer, never accept a job of a logo designer. You MUST do only the job you love, otherwise you’ll never excel in it.

Excelling in Work: This is the bottom line of keeping yourself motivated. You can never be motivated for a task where you don’t feel comfortable doing, so focus on your work, never ever try to avoid it.

That’s it for now, I hope you liked it. If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to comment.

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