This is a showcase of 40 best premium and free RapidWeaver themes found on the internet.

If you don’t know about RapidWeaver, it is a software for Mac OS X. It allows the users to do both, design and develop websites. This is probably the most popular web design and development application found for OS X.

RapidWeaver requires a certain kind of templates, called themes, RapidWeaver themes to be exact. And today we are sharing exactly those.

A good aspect about these RapidWeaver themes is that most of them include these features:

  • Retina Ready
  • Mobile Simulator
  • Responsive Design
  • Dual Navigation Modes

These are all Apple specific features so these features are necessary to be built-in.

Serenade $30

Fully responsive theme, powerful customization options, use for every type of website at Rapidweaver. Suits for users without programming experience up to the advanced developers. Ability to fixed header, toolbar at the same time that makes it faster for the user to navigate.

This is a user focused theme for RapidWeaver with changing features for every  project. Sticky web elements and Built-in slideshow capture the attention of guests.

fully responsive RapidWeaver theme, powerful customization options.

Polyphonic $30

This theme is also with a built-in responsive slideshow, add too upto 8 different slides for every project. It also doesn’t require any further plugin necessary because it makes the slideshow creation process within itself. This is a fully responsive designers’ theme to respond automatically to the visitor’s browser’s window width.

Choose any of 3 types from navigation backgrounds. Dropdown menus are on click. Connecting with users is paramount, it comes packed with built- in social icons to build relations with your viewers much easier.


Exposition $30

Rapidweaver responsive theme comes with 8 different slides/ project. No further plugin is necessary as it makes the slideshow that much easier within it.

Comes with a built-in slideshow.


Revolve-2 $25

An eye catching slideshow uses the symNivo/Weaver Pix alongwith Pluskit plugin (sold separately) creating an animated banner area. HTML 5 and CSS 3 fully powered with jQuery gives wowing results instantly.



Ambience $25

Allow this template improve your user experience with powerful layout, eye catching detail including a selection of built-in style options. Easily import favorite symNivo/WeaverPix slideshow plugin alongwith Pluskit to create animated banner area. 

It includes built-in lightbox photo album for making your photos popular.
Ambience supports Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera and Internet Explorer.


Old Page $30 — 24 Euros

Classic & neutral “aged” style, includes graphics page and lines options. Pentagramma is hybrid music style, with stave and tuning-fork. Colorful style, rich in details. It is a sample with plenty of customization options.

Old Page

MiniMax $30 —  24 Euros

Permanently responsive theme from 185 to 185 0px bi-directionally.
The layout is 960px+ dinamic text size (optionally).

This layout is rearranged to remain the page width constantly. Every column floats during the window re sizing process.

Theme is also ready for large screens such as iMac and televisions etc.  

mini max

Black Shadow $30 — 24 Euros

This theme has been designed to fit every screen of all popular devices like smart phones, tablets and regular computers. It supports Google Chrome, Safari internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Android and Safari Mobile. Supports Internet Explorer 8/9/10
This theme is improved for Stacks Plugin by YourHead. Tested several 3rd Stacks.

Main features are : Responsive layout, Build in support for tablets / SmartPhones, jQuery / CSS 3 / HTML5, Responsive layout On/Off, New Toolbar Option, New WebFonts, Extracontent area, social icons, Stacks Options, New Contact Form, New Sitemap page Structure, New PhotoAlbum Slideshow, New File Sharing page, New Movie Album, New Blog Page, New Toolbar, Code optimized and Removed deprecated code.

Black Shadow

PanelsPro $30 — 24 Euros

PanelsPro is also designed to fit in smart phones, tablets and regular computers. Supports Google Chrome, Safari, internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Mobile Safari and Android.


Creative Tape $30 — 24 Euros

jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, Extra content area, Responsive layout, Support for Smartphones, and Responsive On/Off are the main qualities of this theme.

Creative tape

FreeStyleII $30 —  24 Euros

This is a highly flexible Rapidweaver theme. You can create basic level websites and also fully graphical ones.
You get customizable angles, backgrounds and custom colors. Add your images and logo etc. and it’s done.


FreeStyleIII $30 — 24 Euros

Same theme, but styles are a little different. This one focuses on floral… or as I like to call it, botanic styles.


Smooth Shape $16 —  12.90 Euros

Very basic matte color shape. Layout and vertical menu are the best features. Classic styled for easier interactivity.

Smooth Shape

Focus Free

Let’s check a few free ones also. This one seems pretty suitable for personal blogs and diaries.


Pixie  Free

Another free one. This one is rather good looking compared to the above one. This one also suitable for personal blogs or even portfolios.


Poster Lite Free

If we are focusing on free ones, here is another one. This Rapidweaver theme should be suitable for a small business website.


CR3ATiV3 (Retired) Free

CR3ATiV3 is a uniquely styled theme with plenty of room to breath and great possibilities for laying out your content.

Each ExtraContent area in CR3ATiV3 is vertically scalable, meaning you can make each ExtraContent as long or as short as you like. And as always, these ExtraContent areas are an option. You can choose to use them or leave them off allowing you to use CR3ATiV3 as you would any other RapidWeaver theme.

Note: “(Retired)” means that there’s no customer support with this theme.


edGy (Retired) Free

edGy quickly became a hot item when variable widths were added to this theme in its RapidWeaver 3.6 upgrade. edGy is now one of or most versatile themes.

Note: “(Retired)” means that there’s no customer support with this theme. And that is the reason it is free.


TW004 (Retired) Free

TW004 is a graphical showpiece. Maybe it is not suitable for business websites but personal journals love it. Created with flexibility in mind, TW004 imparts an upscale image that is suitable for delivering editorial and advertising in a familiar, user-friendly print format.

Note: “(Retired)” means that there’s no customer support with this theme. And that is the reason it is free.

TW004 (Retired) Free

Boreal $40

There’s a special feature in this responsive RapidWeaver theme. Mobile Simulator! You can preview each page of your Boreal site on a simulated iPhone, iPad and Kindle Fire at anytime with a built-in Simulator.

This is a truly premium with loads of premium designed features. Check the source for complete features list.


J Line $30

All browser compatible, responsive, stylish, light… these are just some of the words found in the English language… Just kidding, these are all the features of J-Line.


Carbon $40

Comes with 51 social icon set. They can be uniquely integrated into the navigation menu and reveal on event. Nicely documented RapidWeaver theme which anyone could set up.


R Mada $30

Flexible and bold design in all the right places. Intuitively designed layout for great usability. Plus all content areas are 100% color adjustable.

R mada

A Viator $30

The dropdown navigation is probably A-Viator’s best designed feature. Of course there are many other features as well. This is one my personal favorites in this post.

A Viator

Illuminate $30

Illuminate is a RapidWeaver theme for business and portfolios. Very powerful, comes with loads of stuff.



Venture is another RapidWeaver theme ideal for small business websites as well diaries and journals.


Escape $30

Escape that captures! It captures audience. A fully responsive theme to make good looking websites. For a complete list of the options and additional features Escape offers, preview the Style Options page by clicking on the title.


Architect $40

Architect’s layout is fully responsive, it also contains Font Awesome 3.0 and Fluid Video. A truly premium theme.

Architect’s sidebar width, position, and style, can be changed a number of ways. This formatting uses a “below content” position, 100% width, with a dark tinted container. Check out other pages for different sidebar styles.



Canvas was created for distraction free user experience. When visitors would like to explore, all navigation is quickly and intuitively accessed in the left bar.


Hero S25

A simple but stylish theme. Good for personal use and it is cheap compared the above mentioned giants.


Mark 1 $40

Provide visitors a polished fullsite experience with Responsive Desinging. Highly readable text and stylish full-screen graphics make this theme a very eye-catching choice.


Copper $30

Copper, the first theme released 7th year of developing for the RapidWeaver Community. It is everything an anniversary theme should be:  clean, stable and shows the level of maturity, sophistication and style.


N Spire $30

Typography is what makes this theme great. Very stylish, very classy and very easy to implement. Even a non-techie can easily usu N-Spire.

N Spire

Decadent $30

Decadent is a next-level fully responsive theme developed with your users as its prime focus. Communicate effectively and enhance the browsing experience. Decadent’s smart navigation menu and eye catching layout are prominent features.


Droplet $25

Droplet takes theme navigation to the next level. It allows you to choose to have the site’s menu bar to lock to the top of the page as the visitor scrolls down through your pages.

This RapidWeaver theme contained only introduction consisting of over 4 pages. I didn’t read it, you can check it out on source page.


Reservations $30

Reservations’ animated sticky menu lets users have an enhanced online experience. As the user scrolls, navigation menu automatically exits transparency mode to allow the user to know exactly where they are, and where they can navigate. Your animated menu will also disable “sticky” feature on touch devices to ensure that more screen real estate for smaller screen devices.


Paramount $30

A sleek and modern theme with clean lines and infinite stylizing possibilities. Paramount was crafted to make sure that you are provided with a product that includes all the latest must-haves in websites. This includes slideshow and fluid video and many more features. Check out source for details.


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