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Real estate companies can make big bucks with only a few contracts… it means that every contract is important. And that means they need to create good first impression. For good first impressions, good real estate websites are required!

Designing brilliant real estate websites isn’t that difficult if you know the basics. These basics include keeping the design simple, professional and elegant. But that does not mean that your design should become boring!

I’m sharing a showcase of web designs with you. These are real estate websites which are designed elegantly yet they don’t look boring.

You might also enjoy these large header website designs.

Mind you, this kind of web designs work for construction companies, real estate agents/brokers and large scale housing schemes. Of course you’ll have to fine-tune the design according to client’s needs but the basics stay the same.

Real Estate Websites Showcase

So Let’s Begin!

Cygnus Imoveis

This cool design. I liked it for its uniqueness of the layout.

Cygnus Real Estate Website

Habitations Bouladier

I liked the use of images in this real estate website.

One of the black and white real estate websites


One of the best green real estate websites that I’ve seen in a long time.

Green Real Estate Design

Cantera Real Estate

A pretty clean design. I loved it for its elegant looks.

Cantera Real Estate Company Website


Nice use of full width background image.

Full width web design for real estate

Under the Roman Sun

I’m sure there was also a film by this name.

Under the roman sun

Home 4 Investment

Blue is the favorite color among real estate websites.

Blue color website

Canto Belo

See, told you blue is hit in real estate websites.

Canto Belo

Cam Sci

Again blue.

cam sci is one of the many blue color websites

Sunderman Construction

Not really my favorite design but my experience has told me that real estate agencies love such designs.

sunderman constructions web design


I love MAD, because they told me that’s what I am.

Mad About Architecture Homepage

Az Tower

Homepage of a tower building.

AZ Tower Website


Sea green is my favorite color.

Green color real estate web design

Union Station Denver

This is the homepage of the neighborhood around Union Station. A pretty cool vignette effect for real estate websites.

Union Station Neighborhood Homepage


Zien energy!



I love green, I love blue, therefore we come to conclusion that I love this real estate web design.

Reap-sg is a cute real estate web design

Country View

A splendid way of living.

Country View Wood Based Design


A pretty grid based web design. I like such real estate websites that focus on on the images and not on the design.

Lottenberg Website

Woolshed Grove

What a nice place to live.

Simple Website Design of Woolshed grove

Broad View Homes

Luxury web design made to perfection.

Luxury web design made to perfection.

Dwell Real Estate

Just dwell over it. The real estate location was pretty extravagant so the designer kept the website quiet.

The real estate location was pretty extravagant so the designer kept the website quiet.


Another one of luxury real estate websites.

Another one of luxury real estate websites.

Macallan Ridge

This is a ridge, or resort, in the smoky mountains.

Macallan Ridge in the smoky mountains has a beautiful website

Naked Apartments

Ooh, I like its name.

I Love Naked Apartments

Marin Modern

“Modern” is the architecture, not the web design.

Old fashioned but stylish website of a real estate company

Lanikai Properties

This is a little bit going over the board but in real estate websites, you can go over the board.

In real estate websites, you can go over the board.

Signature Properties

The name of the properties agency required an elegant website. So designer chose royal colors and a touch of vintage styling.

Signature Properties

Hartanov Team

If you are making your website to be full of database, then this is the design you should take inspiration from.

Hartanov Team

Preview n’ Aples

Naples…. I love it.

One of the nicest real estate website designs of the list

Forest River Group

If you notice, the background color was chosen after the images for the homepage were selected.

Forest river group is a very elegant real estate web design


Brooklyn never sleeps.



It’s comfort with a K.

It's comfort with a K

Cobble Hill Towers

A literally green website. I like the vista view.

Vista view makes the website beautiful


Remember that dialog from Friends? Honey, you are it!

hillwood real estate websites

Residencial Portosanto

Homepage of a residential tower.

Residencial Portosanto is homepage of a residential tower

Poplar Grove

Let’s end with green.

Let's end with green

That’s it for now guys. Thank you for tuning and don’t forget to comment.
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Thank you and have a nice day. 🙂

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