Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite days of the year, especially when you have a girl like mine, so I wanted to change my desktop wallpaper into something seasonal.

I collected these Valentines Day wallpapers with an innocent and slightly humorous touch.

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Baby Penguin Wallpaper by Oborochann

valentines day wallpapers

Life is Hard – Valentines Gift by e galite

beautiful valentines day wallpapers

Happy Valentines Day by vladstudio

Heart wallpapers for valentines day

Valentines Day by villanitadesign

happy valentines day wallpapers

Almost Perfected by DivineError

beautiful heart wallpapers for valentines day wallpapers

Valentines Day Wallpaper by bercikmeister

Valentines day on black

Happy Friggin Valentines by itskokosfault

happy valentines day sad wallpapers

Valentines Wallpaper by NssTmkProtok

amazing high resolution wallpapers

Valentines by amitjakhu

latest valentines day wallpapers

Valentines Day Wallpaper by lkc designs

creative Valentines Day Wallpaper

Valentine Wallpaper by funkmaster c

red rose valentines day wallpapers

Love Story wallpaper

love story wallpaper for valentines day

First Love wallpaper

Creative first love wallpaper valentines day

Paint Splash Heart wallpaper

paint splash heart wallpaper for lovers

Heart Present Wallpaper

Presenting a heart wallpapers for valentines day

I Love You by Robsonbillponte666

valentines day wallpapers

Couple On Swing

love couple wallpapers for valentines day

I Love You, Valentine’s Day Illustration

valentines day wallpapers

Kiss Me

lovely valentines day wallpapers

Love wallpaper

high resolution love wallpapers

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