Round brushes come very handy in designing backgrounds. Whenever I create a font collections, I create a background mostly using such round brushes.

In fact, I even designed a pack of circle brushes for this matter and shared it here. Since you liked that pack, I decided to make another one.

In this premium download, you will get a set of royalty-free Photoshop brushes designed in abstract theme. They should be most suitable for designing backgrounds and logos, but of course, you are free to use it anywhere.

And do comment, I love reading and replying your comments. 🙂

I feel I might have presented this in a better way, but then again, you are a designer yourself. It wouldn’t matter to you much 😛

Download Round Brushes

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Abstract Round Brushes Preview

download free round brushes for Photoshop

Creating a Brush in Photoshop

I created this tutorial last year, I thought I should copy this here. If you want the full version, you click on any of the pictures below.

We are making this:

Photoshop Tutorial

Draw a shape using Custom Shapes Brush.

We end up with this

Final Shapes for tutorial

Now using Marquee Selection Method, select the area which you want to define as brush, then clickEdit>Define Brush Preset.

Defining a brush preset in photoshop

All done, you now have the brush preset and you can use it as any other brush. To save your brushes, use the following command.

Save command of brush

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