Save Water Save Life

Water (H2O) is a finite natural resource that must be conserved; it is limited and scarce in many places.

Water crisis is one of the major issues that the world is facing and it is the responsibility, perhaps the duty of each one of us to contribute towards water management. Intelligent utilization of water resources is the need of the hour.

Water is necessary for life and everything to exist. So for that today i have gathered amazing digital artworks  and campaigns for awareness in saving water. SAVE WATER .. SAVE LIFE !!
I also came across 100 Ways to Conserve Water

Update: we saw a debate in the consequence of this post. Some said that water is an infinite resource, and some said it is not. Now I just wanna say that even if we believe that water is an infinite resource, we still don’t have to waste it. Wasting a resource (however cheap it might be) damages our way of living. Our innerself stops to restrict us from wasting resources. We should always restrict ourselves from wasting any resource.

Save Water Or Suffer Later

Drying Up

If we will not save water, one day the Earth which is our home might dry up.

Save Us

We need to remember that water is not only for drinking. there are a lot of organisms and beautiful creatures living in the water that are crucial for our ecosystem.

Water Issues

Global Environment Problem


What you dip in the water today, decides your child’s tomorrow.

This Will Happen In The Future

Save Water 2 By ~serso

A great reminder that the clean water is running out just the way the time is running out.

save water save life

Save The Planet By ~DanielBalaban

Another amazing time-related illustration that also reminds us about the importance of the pollution and all the garbage waste in the world and the fact that we should do something about it as soo as possible. Because later, it might be simply too late to change something.

save water save planet

Save Water 4 By ~serso

A perfect metaphor for the topic “save water save life”. We often forget what a big part of nature is born from water and could not survive or even exist without clean water. We often take water for granted because we always think that we have plenty of it left.

save water plant

Save Water 3 By ~serso

Without water, many beautiful creatures on each could not exist.

Save Water by Giridhar-Photography

A great reminder that we only start to value important things when we are starting to run out of them. Same goes with water – the less clean water we have on earth, the more concerned we become. But we were not able to value the importance of water when we had plenty of fresh, clean sources of water.

save water benjamin franklin

Save Some Water For The Whales by RyanFlem

People use and pollute so much water that they often forget that the water is the home for many creatures, including whales and many others. Water for them is like air for us – we simply would not survive without it.

save water save whale

Save Water Or We Die

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