Halloween is just around the corner now, and I’ve geared up to make quality posts themed according to the occasion.

You must  have noticed that we have been sharing Halloween related posts, including collection of design elements and a collection of wallpapers for Halloween.

Today’s post contains everything from digital art related to Halloween, it includes digital paintings, typographic artworks and art bits of other digital art forms as well.

If you have any suggestion/feedback for the upcoming posts on for Halloween, please send it to me through comments section below.

Fun Fact: The tradition of trick-or-treating evolved from an ancient Celtic tradition. They used to put out sweets and food to spirits and ghosts who roamed the streets during Samhain. This was a sacred festival that was organized at the end of every Celtic calendar year.

Halloween Themed Digital Art

Doctor Love Scary

This is a poster or ticket of a Halloween party. That’s a pretty cool poster.

halloween digital art collection

Halloween Illustration

Ooh, I don’t know which kind of monster scares you the most, but for me, it’s this one.

halloween illustration collection digital art

Promotional Mailer for Pumpkin Festival

This is a typography based artwork. I think it has all the elements that make a cool mobile wallpaper.

creative mails and party halloween flyers

Happy Halloween

This is the odd-one-out in this collection. I usually don’t select truly scary, horror themed artworks to avoid showing blood or any PG content, but this painting really took my breath away.

digital creative art of halloween

Customize Me

Is that guy saying “Yo!”

creative digital halloween paintings

Happy Halloween Graveyard

Do the boogie, in the graveyard. Come on, get going… that’s the spirit.

halloween graveyard digital art

Jack O’ Lantern and his orange car

“Hey pumpkin, wher’ you going”

halloween digital art and his cars


I’m a scary werewolf, give me candy or I shall cry.

Halloween digital art collection examples party flyers

Halloween III

Does this image remind you of that villain boy from Powerpuff Girls?

halloween cartoons and graphics

Halloween Bat Illustration

This is a pure vector artwork. They are hard to make you know. These artworks require more talent than skill.

halloween illustrations and digital art collection

Halloween Vampire Illustration

This is another pure vector based artwork. My God people are talented.

halloween vampire illustrations and party invitations

Halloween witch Illustration

The wicked witch from the west tells you to go wicked this Halloween.

halloween witch party invitation


Okay, this one is really scaring me. I mean more than monsters and everything. Let’s move quickly from here.

halloween flyer and eye masks designs in digital art


Oh no, another one.

halloween eye party masks

Pumpkins & Calaveras

Aah yes, that’s better. I’m not really sure which technique is used for making these artworks, but they look cool and that’s enough for me.

halloween pumpkin digital art

Halloween Jam Poster

My eyes, my eyes.

Halloween horror party Poster

Halloween eCard

This is the last one in this collection. So, we wish you a Happy Halloween.

happy halloween e-cards and invitations

This was the last of the Halloween related posts this year. We’ll be getting back to our regular posts from tomorrow on wards. See you.

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