Months ago, Alikhoker made a post of inspirational marine life photography. The guy is considered the best inspirational photography post maker on Designzzz.

But let me tell you, I’m no less than the best, so here I am with my collection of marine life photos.

I’m no marine biologist, I don’t even know the names of these fish so I can’t really provide you much scientific details. But I can assure you one thing and that is you’ll enjoy this post a lot, the life in the seas is unbelievable.

Till this day, it stays humans have not been able to destroy it as they have destroyed the land which Mother Nature made for us.

Cassiopeia Аndromeda

Cassiopeia Аndromeda


underwater octopus photography

On a visit

tortoise underwater

Fiji RED

fiji red

Mientras que los propietarios están durmiendo …

fish photograpy

A Little Princess

sea life photography

Your Excellency

snail fish

spreading fish 

birds hunting fishes

Marine yo (Limacina helicina)

Marine yo (Limacina helicina)

Pacific Sea Needle Jellyfish by ~laura-worldwide 

needle jellyfish

A beautiful killer by foowahu 

deadly jellyfish

Fluffy Sea Garden HDR by Lula939 

green sea garden

Shark, Sea Life Aquarium by Hazardz50 

shark in aquarium

Sea Life by Dc-Creative

shell fish

Sea Lion by Anavushirak 

sea lion

Sea Anemone by baileysmomentsintime 

Sea Anemone

Sea Life by Pawkeet 

sea photography

Sea Shells by ashengrayskies 

sea shells

Dolphin in sparkling sea by Resamori 

dolphin photography


leafy sea horses

Sea Turtle by Lunar-Rain  

sea turtle

Aquatic Life by ~Aerorato 

sea life potography

Ocean 88 by Hengki24 

transparent jellyfish

Sea World xv by break-my-heart 

jellyfishes photography

Ocean 192 by Hengki24 

sea photography

Sea World xiv by break-my-heart 

sea life photography

Smoke by paleypeach 

sea smoke photography

Sea Star by Marinshe  

sea star fish photography

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