Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! And we wish a lovely new year!

Today I have made a collection of photos depicting the environment of “Jingle Bells jingle bells jingle all the way…” (I just love this melody).

I’m sure our photographer friends will derive some inspiration for the photography of festivals while I just made it to enjoy the season.

Some pictures have humor in them, but mostly all of these portray the air of the favourite season the kids. (aah, I wish Santa was real!)

Christmas Tree by DreAminginDigITal 

decorated christmas tree

Christmas Ball by yyelsel   

Christmas ball photography

Christmas by minipadde  

building decorated on christmas

A Christmas Winter by gfx-micdi-designs 

Christmas winter tree decoration

Merry Xmas Everyone

merry christmas everyone

Christmas Land by millenniumeyes 

Christmas Land photos

Merry Christmas by Hankins  

snowman christmas

Celebrations by parallel-pam 

Christmas celebrations balloons

July Christmas Lights by MlleDinkley 

christmas fireworks

Celebrations in the market by MiDWaN 

market decorated for christmas

Combination of Celebrations by petrakuite 

combination of celebration

Christmas Land II by millenniumeyes 

christmas land pics

Christmas IV by millenniumeyes 

Beautiful Christmas

Merry Christmas by Poetographer 

bookeh effect christmas tree

Celebrations by breakoutphotography 

breakout photography

Enjoying Christmas by caithness155 

christmas tree decorative toys

Merry Christmas by lilhyperbabe 

cute baby in santa's hat

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