It’s not easy to keep pushing boundaries as you go along in your career. Just when you think you have your hands running briskly over Photoshop CS4, in comes CS5. Same thing happened with HTML4 and HTML5, all new features and whole new concepts make it very difficult to keep on learning and relearning.

This industry we have chosen is a drag race, we lose the grip for a jiffy and we go down to the last place.  Today my target is to give you a few ideas for staying at first place, ideas which are easily implemented and fun to do.

Read Design Blogs

Managing Web Design Business

Well of course, you’re already studying design blogs, otherwise you won’t be here. But if studying design blogs, such as Designzzz isn’t a habit of yours, Make It!!!
It is our job to keep you updated with all the latest and best tools and techniques erupting in the market frequently. Design blogs also keep you inspired and motivated so you can mark your every move. All you have to do is keep visiting us.



The best way to stay in the game is to socialize. On social media, I find twitter the best way to socialize with other fellow designers. It doesn’t require much of your time yet you can monitor what others are doing, and all the other happenings of your design world.

Notice: Designzzz official twitter is starting to retweet all the good stuff related to graphic and web design from all over the internet. So it is just one place which will sort you out and give your everything you might need to stay a step ahead of your competition (unless your competition is also following Designzzz) and you won’t have to find and follow hundreds of other related twitter accounts and follow all of them, besides if you do that, you’ll waste a lot of your time just checking out everything.

Attend seminars

Again, the target is to socialize. You should participate in relevant seminars, large-scale or small-scale, doesn’t matter. These seminars are an excellent place of knowledge sharing and analyzing market trends. Besides physical participation is the best form, here’ everybody gets to know YOU not just your username.

Community Participation

Word of Mouth Recommendation

Switching to cyber world again, you should also participate in community websites such as Stack Overflow. I also like Reddit for this purpose. You help out others and when you need help, others do the same for you. I have been fortunate in this matter and whenever I needed any help, I found it instantly in these community sites (thanks to everybody who beautifully answered my stupid questions).

Interact with Clients More


No one will give you a better idea of the market zeitgeist than the clients themselves.

Informal communication with clients is where you break the shell and reach the world where customers exist. If you know the atmosphere of that world, you are destined to succeed.


Let’s just keep it short, we learned that we should stay updated, and design blogs are the best resource for that. We must socialize on web and physically in order to share experiences and knowledge. It’s natural ask for help in community websites and it is a very good feeling when you help others, so join community websites. And last but not the least, have informal communications with clients.

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