My students often ask me that if they don’t get a job as soon as they complete their training, what should they do? I advise them internships but of course, everyone is these days is looking to make an extra buck on the side so just internship doesn’t sound much appealing. Besides, the talented ones feel that internship can be a little bit of a time-waste.

The solution for this problem is that one should try to sell their designs online. And this is not just for students or beginning professionals. It for the pros as well, in fact for pros it might contain more charm than the young fellows. The senior designers often have many left over designs and they can display them for online sale. So let’s get to know how you can sell your designs.

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What Sells?

sell your graphics

Graphic River is one of the world’s premium stock graphic sellers.

There are mainly two types of sites that could help you earn.

  1. Contest Based
  2. Sale Based

In contest based websites, companies and other clients from all over the world place their project. Then, designers from all over the world compete for the project. The clients write down their needs and the designer makes the design and places it on the board. If the designer wins, he is paid, all the others repeat the cycle on another project.

The second type is stock sellers. Here, you (the designer) uploads the design he wants to sell and sets its price. When a buyer needs a design, he comes to that site and buys it.

Goods and Bads

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

Contest based sites are good for beginners. They help you evaluate yourself. They are a full time job and you should not take them as just a time-pass. If you are not just a beginner, I wouldn’t recommend them to you, there is a less a chance that you will win, yet you’ll have to spend a lot of time and effort.

Stock sellers are great if you already have a job or you are working freelance in the market. What happens is that you make lots of designs, few of them are sold and rest of them are yours. For instance, you have a client for a business card. You made 3 variations, 1 got selected and you now have the other two as leftovers. You upload those two on a stock seller website. The person who is looking for a business card design will come to that website, and if your price is reasonable, he’ll buy it. And not just him, many people can buy it. The same design keeps on giving you money for a long period of time. So when you have a hundred designs uploaded, you are likely to make more than someone working in the contest based sites. And you’ll continue to earn it even if you don’t work at all.

Mostly the clients on stock seller websites are designers themselves looking for a shortcut to make a design inside a deadline.

A mistake

Some designers build a website from scratch and try to sell their designs through that. What they want to do is to create a large scale e-shop of their own. That doesn’t work! Building an ecommerce website is not something guys like me and you should try. The problem is that if we do make a site, we won’t have enough variety to compete with the giants.

Let’s Conclude

If you are beginner trying to test yourself, go for contest based sites.

If you already are working, go for stock selling sites. They are slow but steady.

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