A Showcase of Creative Custom Moleskines

Moleskine notebooks have long been the journal of choice for artists & designers, going way back to 19th and 20th century Europe. Popular among famous writers & artists including Picasso, Van Gogh and Hemingway, Moleskine notebooks are still hugely popular and sincerely loved by the creative community. It’s no surprise then that creative artists often want to make their notebook as unique, interesting and thoughtfully designed as the sketches and notes inside.

We’ve brought together a showcase of Moleskines (and covers) which differ from the norm, either by being special editions or by being redesigned by their owners. We hope you find them interesting, and help put you in a creative frame of mind.

Black Bird by Cole Gerst

Moleskin Notebook

Red Fox Altered Moleskine

Moleskin Notebooks

Silkscreen Moleskine Cover

Moleskin Notebooks

MoMA Bauhaus 2010 Custom Moleskine

Moleskin Notebook

Skeleton Tree Customised Moleskine

Moleskin Notebook

SFMOMA Custom Moleskine

Moleskine Copy

Art That Helps

Moleskine Book

Limited Edition Star Wars Moleskine


Bridges & Balloons Customised Moleskine

You Know The Way To My Heart

Yoox Special Edition Moleskine


Helvetica Moleskine

swiss designing

Pac-Man Special Edition Moleskine

Moleskine Notebook

Branches Moleskine Cover by Amy Ruppel

Zombie Love Customised Moleskine

moleskine notebook

Have you found any interesting, customised moleskines that deserve a mention? Let us know in the comments.

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