Silhouette, also called Silhoutte or Silhoute is an artistic form of photography. Silhouette is when you take a photo and the focal object of the image is just a shadow. You don’t see the details, just a black color. See the thumbnail for an example. In this post, I have collected some of the best photos containing this effect.

Photographers can add this effect in photos themselves and it does not require much expertise of using Photoshop to make it. I might make a tutorial for novice Photoshop users to make this effect.

By the way, the correct spelling is indeed Silhouette.

Silhouette by ol1nk

Free Silhoutte Effect

Silhouette by CKing

Baby and mother in silhoutte effect

Silhoutte by jarvisvernoncoong

silhoutte Photography

Spread Her Wings by anjanimiranti

Silhoute effect photography

Silhoutte by UnLeashed210

Free silhoute

Silhoutte by linklarkin

Sihoutte effect photography

Silhoutte by black87maria

silhoute in dance

Beautiful Silhoute Effect

Free beautiful silhoute effect

Silhouette. by Glambition

Free girl in silhoute effect

Silhouette by TchaikovskyCF

Free Sihoutte photography

Silhouette by Cogito-Ergo-Doleo

Free Silhoutte effect With cycle

Not fully silhoutte by SAMPLE2

silhoutte effect

Silhouette of a horse by attlid

Free Amazing Silhoutte effect

Silhouette by pink-and-overrated


free silhoutte effect with Man in blue

Dancing silhouette by leelloor

Free Dancing Silhoutte photography

Silhouette by MyXuH

Amazing Silhoutte Effect

Photographer silhouette by iky22

Free silhouette Photography


Free Silhoutte Effect

Silhouette Paddle Surf Boys by La-Vita-a-Bella

Free silhouette paddle surf boys

Silhouette by theendlessphoto

Photographer in silhoutte effect


Sunset silhouette by asininechani

Free sunset silhoutte

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