Illustrator program by Adobe is dominating the industry of vector graphics designing since 1988. CorelDRAW and other freeware vector designing tools have never been able to take Illustrator’s place in the market. Since this program is a big hit, there are many websites offering tutorials and other goodies related to Adobe Illustrator.

In this post, we are sharing a collection of the best websites which offer Absolutely Free Adobe Illustrator tutorials and tips & tricks.

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free site for learning adobe illustrator

A great resource for learning vector graphic designing and Adobe Illustrator. It’s actually a blog run by Ryan Putnam, an exclusive designer at iStockPhoto. One useful thing here is Interviews section, they are quite inspirational and fun to read.

Vector Tuts+

free vector graphic tutorials

Tuts+ is a renowned resource for free online tutorials related to almost every kind of graphic designing. This is the link to dedicated page for vector tutorials by TutsPlus.

Illustrator World

free vector design community

Although this site is still in beta, it’s working great. Free tutorials, learning methods and a monthly E-mag which is pretty handy and keeps updated with many current issues related to graphic design. This is a community based website and I expect it  to reach the top, BUT only if they don’t change their policies.


excellent free adobe illustrator tutorials

A high rated magazine type blog portal for graphic designers. Almost all of their tutorials receive great comments. They provide pieces of advice for many Adobe Products, I’m sharing the link of their Adobe Illustrator specific page.

Veerle’s Blog

free vector designing tuts

A list of hassle free tutorials. This is not a vector specific blog and this link refers to a category of this blog. Since I liked the quality of tutorials here, I’m sharing it with you.


free designing tutorial resource

The focus of this site is Adobe Illustrator, although they do provide Photoshop tutorials and other freebies regularly.


best free illustration tutorials

Best thing I found on this site is that their tutorials are effectively categorized. It’s an Adobe Illustrator specific website. Quite a useful resource for Vector Graphic Designers.

Illustration Class

free illustration and designing tutorials website

This blog doesn’t really make a sparkling first impression with its low resolution design, but I found the tutorials pretty handy. PDF Tutorials are also a good thing to store in your computer.

Designer Today – Adobe Illustrator

free adobe illustrator tutorials list

Again, not an Illustrator specific site. This is a link to a category, but it does present us a list of useful free tutorials.

Free Transform

free illustration learning

This blog is as simple as it could get. Just open and start studying, no need to navigate to other pages or find appropriate directories. The tutorials are not very advanced ones but good. I think their focused market is beginner and intermediate level designers.

Vector Diary

unique great tips and tutorials for adobe illustrator

They make very unique and intriguing tutorials for Adobe Illustrator. Tips and Tutorials are great but the Crash Course is only for Paid Members.

Illustrator Tutorials by free tutorials for illustrator

If you know me, you’d know that I save the best for the last. This is’s official page for Illustrator tutorials.

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