We have been focusing a lot on professional photography lately, today I thought to do something a little different. This is a collection of photographs taken by amateurs, or should I say, non-photographers, some of these images are taken from mobile phones.
This is a collection of people sleeping in odd poses in public places. And they look very funny, sometimes you might think they are drunk, but no, they are just zzZzzZzzZzz.

This is an inspiration for you because you can learn had you been the photographer, what angle would you have created!! I’m not giving these pictures as the ultimate example but as not-so-perfect example.

What a stupid vertical bed!!

humour photography of Sleeping People in public

Something Stinks here, but I’m sleepy, I don’t mind

photographs of people sleeping in subways

Just Another Day on The Job

sleeping people in office

Practicing for Office

humourous people Sleeping people in subway

Habits don’t go after retirement

funny people sleeping in public

Ohh.. Sweet Vogue

people sleeping in shoping places

Moment before Touchdown

people in deep sleep in the public

Bring Your own Hammock

funny images of sleeping on the road sides

Sleep Even Comes in the Grave

feeling comfortable on the road side bench sleeping photographs

 Dream On….

only in new york sleeping on roads

Wake me up when heaven comes

funny people in trains

She is wearing an expensive watch, anyone can snatch it, but she’s sleepy!

taking a nap after shopping

Tunisia is Sleepy Country

sleeping kid in the bus

Free Life

randomly sleeping people on the footpath

Another Thing to Do with an Indian Taxi

sleeping in taxi


photography of naping in public

My Girlfriend is right before me… Who Cares!!

sleeping in the cafe

I’m shleeping mommy!!

funny public sleepers

A Sleep in the Face

sleeping in oposite way

Aah, what a relief….

sleeping people photography

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