Get your Photoshop on fire. This is a collection of tutorials from all around the internet for making “smokin’ hot” effects and designs.

These tutorials cover the subjects of typography, photo editing, image manipulation and digital art. The best thing about these tutorials is that they don’t require too much time. Most of the sites also provide practice files but even which not, still have a good tutorial and the practice files are not necessary.

Creating a smoke effect has always worked great for designers as well as their clients. This is one of the very few effects that almost never fail. It looks classy on anything, and many make this kind of effect just for fun.

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Creating Smoke

A simple tutorial by Abduzeedo for creating a smoke like graphic.

photoshop tutorial

Smoke Type

Another smoke effect tutorial at Abduzeedo, but this time with typography.

free photoshop tutes

Smokey Typography: PSD Fan Extra

Another easy tutorial for making smoke effect typography.

Free photoshop tut

Smokin’ Woman

A very cool Adobe Photoshop tutorial by PhotoshopTutorial.

Photoshop Tuts

Abstract Smoke

Create your own Abstract smoke effect wallpapers.

smoke effect tutorialAdobe Photoshop Tutorials

Smoke Fading Effect

This example consists of an example where a lady’s image is fading in the shape of smoke. You can create this effect with any photo.

free adobe photoshop tutorial

Smoke Text

Create a text effect being overlapped with smoke.

smoking effect tutorial

Whispy Smoke

A smoke effect for fire flame.

photoshop tutorials

Smoke Tutorial_by Milios

Nice quick tutorial in a single image., at

quick photoshop tutorial

Smoke to Hyper-Real

An excellent tutorial for Manipulating Smoke to Create Hyper-Real Images.

adobe photoshop tuts

Colorful Smoke Art

If we have Photoshop, why not go beyond reality. This is a tutorial where you can learn to create Digital Shiny Colorful Smoke.

adobe photoshop tutorials

Smoke for Backgrounds

This tutorial teaches to make basic smoke effect which is quite suitable for making web backgrounds, and for print media as well.

create smoke in photoshop

Realistic Smoke

This is a tutorial about making the basic smoke effect on any picture.

make smoke in photoshop

Stunning Digital Smoke Effect

Not the realistic kind of smoke but this also has it’s own plus-points.

Digital Smoke Effect Tutorial

Smokin’ Hot Babe (Literally)

The title tells the whole story.

adobe photoshop tutorials

Smoking Effect

This is one of the most used smoke effect, and also a quite a simple one.

tutorials of photoshop for creating smoke effect

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