Spectacular Vector Character Illustrations

Spectacular, colorful and amazing collection of vector character illustrations. Some of them are really cute, while some are well detailed.

Amazing illustrations done by awesome artists on deviant art. I am always fascinated with vector and vexel illustrations and these illustrations below are my specially hand picked favorites.

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All images are gathered from Deviant Art and are linked back to original sources. Click on the image to reach original source. Hope you enjoy them 🙂

When I create an illustration, I use Illustrator and Photoshop, both tools. So if you’re a beginner starting to design character illustrations, don’t forget to start out your design in Adobe Illustrator and don’t rely completely on Photoshop.

Vector Character Illustrations

The Least Scary Dragon by ~rebel-penguin

scary dragon vector illustration

My Little Monster by ^brgtt

cute monster vector illustration

Freak  by *Veronica-Rodriguez

freak vector character illustration

Pirates of the Somalia by ~JDog0601

pirate vector illustration

It Seems like Forever Ago by ~GoshaDole

girl cute vector illustration

diente sensible by ~rauldraws

tooth vector illustration

choji by ~zhoie

mushroom vector character illustration

World 2.0  by *JrDragao

world game vector illustration

flyswatter  by ~AKSOGE

fly vector illustration

rapunzel  by ~LuciaRodriguez

rapunzel vector illustration

OWL by ~chicken1985

owl vector illustrations

ghost by ~chopstix1

ghost vector illustration

FD by ~Voronara

dentist vector illustration

Transition to 2D by ~IamAxiom

girl rhino vector character illustration

red monkey by *meumeu64

red monkey vector illustration

retreat  by ~MisterISK

aliens vector character illustrations

Music in my Head by ~rahirose

Music vector character illustration

Smell by ~diekave

smell vector character illustration

Mr. Knowledge by ~omega5ooo

knowledge vector illustration

Monet by ~OvelhaNegra

monet vector characters

Nine of Swords by *Mr-Bluebird

monsters vector illustrations


mimosa vector illustration

mr.momo by ~ikiiko

momo vector illustration

Blu by ~LeoHutter

blue deer vector illustration

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